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What is Lou Reed famous for?

Lou Reed, byname of Lewis Allan Reed, (born March 2, 1942, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.—died October 27, 2013, Southampton, New York), singer-songwriter whose place in the rock pantheon rests primarily on his role in guiding the Velvet Underground, a New York City-based quartet that produced four poor-selling but via

Is Lou Reed still alive?

Lou Reed via

Can I Kick It A Tribe Called Quest release date?

Can I Kick It? via

What is the meaning of take a walk on the wild side?

Filters. (idiomatic) An occasion or incident involving adventurous, risky, or morally questionable behavior. via

What was Lou Reed's biggest hit?

Top 10 Lou Reed Songs

  • "Walk on the Wild Side" From 'Transformer' (1972)
  • "Satellite of Love" From 'Transformer' (1972)
  • "Sweet Jane" From 'Rock n Roll Animal' (1974)
  • "Perfect Day" From 'Transformer' (1972)
  • "Coney Island Baby" From 'Coney Island Baby' (1975)
  • "Caroline Says (II)"
  • "Vicious"
  • "Street Hassle"
  • via

    How long were Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson together?

    The couple remained together for 21 years and married from 2008 until his death in 2013 and, although they are both artists in their own rights and their work didn't often intertwine, when it did it was incendiary. via

    Can I Kick It A Tribe Called Quest sample?

    'Can I Kick It' is built around a handful of samples, but most recognisable is the sliding bass part from Lou Reed's 1972 Transformer classic 'Walk on the Wild Side', played by Herbie Flowers. According to Phife Dawg, when the group asked for permission from Reed to use the sample, he agreed – with one condition. via

    What does wild side sample?

    Normani's Cardi B-assisted single “Wild Side” arrived Friday featuring what appears to be a sample of Aaliyah's “One in a Million.” via

    What genre is walk on the wild side?

    Walk On The Wild Side via

    How old Lou Reed died?

    Lou Reed via

    How old is Lou Reed now?

    He was treated with interferon but developed liver cancer. In May 2013, he underwent a liver transplant at the Cleveland Clinic. Afterward, on his website, he wrote of feeling "bigger and stronger" than ever, but on October 27, 2013, he died from liver disease at his home in East Hampton, New York, at the age of 71. via

    Who did Lou Reed influence?

    As leader of the Velvet Underground and as a solo artist, he was the father of indie rock, and an ancestor of punk, new wave, and the alternative rock movements of the 1970s, '80s, and beyond. He influenced generations of musicians from David Bowie and R.E.M. to Talking Heads and Sonic Youth. via

    Did A Tribe Called Quest break up?

    Though it seemed they could do no wrong, the Tribe called it quits in 1998, announcing that their fifth full-length release, The Love Movement, would be the group's final album. As with many groups who tell their fans they are disbanding for good, the break-up turned out to be a mere hiatus. via

    Can I Kick It song in movie?

    It was used on the opening scene of the 2021 film Tom & Jerry, featuring birds lip synching to the lyrics of the song as they are flying in New York City. via

    Why is A Tribe Called Quest so good?

    Pioneering hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest crossed musical genres, influenced other artists and delivered social commentary. Their unique sound and chemistry earned them decades of commercial and critical success. via

    What does living on the edge mean?

    to have a life with many dangers and risks, especially because you like to behave in an extreme and unusual way. Despite the apparent respectability, he was a man who liked to live on the edge. Synonyms and related words. To take risks. via

    What is the meaning of take a walk?

    US informal. a rude way of telling someone to go away: The guy kept bugging her, and finally she told him to take a walk. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. via

    How old is Iggy Pop?

    Iggy Pop via

    Who did Doug Yule replace?

    Doug Yule replaced John Cale as bass player for the Velvet Underground in late 1968, and went on to play on their third and fourth albums, as well as continue with the Lou Reed-less version of the group for a while in the early 1970s. via

    What music did Lou Reed like?

    While channelling his literary influences lyrically, sonically Reed drew on from another pool of influences such as classic soul, doo-wop, rhythm and blues, folk, jazz, and early rock and roll. Using all of these valuable materials in the crucible of Reed's brain always smelted into the finest golden pop songs. via

    Who did Laurie Anderson marry?

    Laurie Anderson via

    What happened to Lori Anderson?

    Lori Anderson was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in 2013. Today she is cancer free. Her oncologist says her outlook on life is part of the reason she has overcome cancer. via

    Who did Laurie Anderson date?

    Beginning in the mid-1990s, Anderson was in a relationship with musician Lou Reed; they were married from 2008 until his death in 2013. via

    Can I Kick It A Tribe Called Quest meaning?

    To "kick it" means to hang out and have fun. In a 2011 interview with Hip Hop DX, A Tribe Called Quest rapper Phife Dawg explained that the group has never received royalties from this song because of the Lou Reed sample. via

    What song was sampled for Can I Kick It?

    A Tribe Called Quest's 'Can I Kick It? ' sample of Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wild Side' | WhoSampled. via

    Can I Kick It royalties?

    Though “Can I Kick” it continues to be band's most notable and well-played tracks to this day, as it turns out the band makes literally nothing from royalties. via

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