Who Sang You And Me


What is Alice Cooper's most famous song?

Top 10 Alice Cooper Songs

  • "School's Out" From: 'School's Out' (1972)
  • "I'm Eighteen" From: 'Love It to Death' (1971)
  • "Elected" From: 'Billion Dollar Babies' (1973)
  • "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
  • "Billion Dollar Babies" From: 'Billion Dollar Babies' (1973)
  • "Under My Wheels" From: 'Killer' (1971)
  • "Poison"
  • "Be My Lover"
  • via

    Who made the song you and me together forever?

    You And Me Together Forever via

    Who is Lady Gaga talking about in you and I?

    The person who I wrote this song about has been my buddy and my best friend since I was 19 years old, and he's from here." —Gaga talking about her love for Nebraska, and the shooting of the video. via

    Who sang True Love Ways?

    True Love Ways via

    What is Alice Cooper's real name?

    Alice Cooper via

    How old is Alice Cooper today?

    Alice Cooper via

    What was Alice Cooper's first hit?

    Within months, Alice Cooper recorded and released “Eighteen.” The hard-rock single about teenage uncertainty and self-doubt was Alice Cooper's first hit, reaching #21 on Billboard's pop chart. The band would go on to pioneer theatrical shock rock. via

    What movie is You and Me by Lifehouse in?

    "You and Me" has appeared on many television shows, including Smallville, Grey's Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, Cold Case and Gavin & Stacey. via

    When did you and me release?

    You And Me via

    Is You and Me by Lifehouse a good wedding song?

    A perfect choice for a wedding prelude or processional song, or as a slow dance song at your reception. You And Me, originally recorded by Lifehouse, is another favorite song for website visitors – though it was not originally penned as a wedding song, it's hard to imagine a song better suited for a wedding day. via

    Who sang the song together?

    Together via

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