Who Sang Cry Me A River


Did Peggy Lee sing Cry Me a River?

London and Webb asked him to craft some new musical material for the picture, and out came three songs: "He Needs Me" and the now commonly known "Sing a Rainbow" (both introduced in the film by Peggy Lee, who received an Academy Award nomination for her performance), and one for Ella called "Cry Me a River." via

What Cry me a river means?

(idiomatic, often sarcastic) To weep profusely or excessively in the presence of another person. via

When did Justin Timberlake cry me a river?

Cry Me a River via

Is Cry Me A River a cover?

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift performed a cover of "Cry Me a River" in Memphis, Tennessee, during the Speak Now World Tour (2011–12). Justin Bieber recorded a cover of the song together with Kanye West's 2007 single "Stronger", which he posted on his YouTube account. via

What album is Cry Me a River on?

Cry Me a River via

Is cry Me A River a metaphor?

"Cry me a river" is not a metaphor. This is an idiomatic expression. via

Can a person cry a river?

By comparison, the average human tear has a volume of 0.0062 milliliters. Ashley and Roe quickly realized that there is no way a single person could cry even the tiniest river. The entire of population of Earth couldn't even do it, even if we were all really, really upset at the same time. via

Is cry Me A River a hyperbole?

You may use the hyperbole 'cry me a river' to tell someone that you are not interested in their feelings. via

How Was Cry Me A River made?

According to legend, “Cry Me a River” started with a phone call. As producer Timbaland tells it, Justin Timberlake had just come off the phone to his ex, Britney Spears, when he hit on an idea for a lyric during writing sessions for his debut. via

What did Justin Timberlake apologize?

The apology to Jackson seemed to stem from the infamous Super Bowl halftime performance in 2004, when a closing duet between Timberlake and Jackson ended with Timberlake singing “Bet I'll have you naked by the end of this song” as he tore away more of her costume than had been planned, to reveal — live and televised via

When did nsync break up?

In the fall of 2005, NSYNC released a greatest hits album. It included one song, "I'll Never Stop", that had previously not been released in the US. In 2007, Bass confirmed the group's breakup. via

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