Who Plays Jesus On The Walking Dead


Who is Tom Payne married to?

Tom Payne via

Why did they kill off Jesus on The Walking Dead?

As the actor noted in a 2018 interview with ComicBook.com, Jesus' series exit was essentially one of Payne's own making, after he voiced frustration that not enough characters were dying in the ongoing war with The Saviors. via

What happened to the character Jesus on The Walking Dead?

Jesus served as the ambassador for The Hilltop and frequently searches for new recruits. Jesus was killed in the midseason finale of season nine by an unknown member of the Whisperers who will become the main antagonists going forward in the television series. via

Is Liam Payne related to Tom Payne?

Liam Payne and Tom Payne are cousins. via

Is Paul Rovia a good guy?

To answer the question posed by the headline, Paul Rovia is a good guy despite coming off as a troublemaker from the get-go. Jesus eventually becomes one of Rick's trusted allies. via

Does Tom Payne know martial arts?

He actually has a whole different mixture of a bunch of different martial arts, tom trained in a lot of different kinds to really get that comic Jesus badassery. via

Why did Maggie leave the walking dead?

It's eventually revealed that Maggie left the Hilltop to help Georgie and her group with another community far away. In "The Storm," after the trade fair massacre, its mentioned that several letters have been sent to Maggie about the war with the Whisperers, but she hasn't responded to them. via

Why did Jesus leave the Fosters?

When Austin announced on Twitter he was leaving The Fosters, he didn't provide an explanation. This led many to believe he disliked being on the show and didn't want to do "teen roles" anymore. He contested that claim, again on Twitter, saying the reason he left was that he wanted a more substantial role. via

Is Negan a good guy now?

Negan will never truly be a good guy, but he can redeem himself, albeit slightly. It can be difficult to see the good in a man who killed off two beloved characters merely minutes into his first appearance. via

Is Jesus a good guy in The Walking Dead?

In the comics, Jesus comes from Hilltop Colony and is definitely a good guy. He is logical, strategic, and a natural leader. The first of our group that he meets in the comics are Michonne and Abraham, not Rick and Daryl. via

Is Jesus from walking dead on prodigal son?

Tom Payne plays criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright on Prodigal Son. He was cast as the morally centered Jesus in The Walking Dead, who met his end in Season 9. via

Did Tara want to leave The Walking Dead?

The decision for Tara to die and for Masterson to subsequently leave wasn't actually made by the actor herself. Instead, her exit was determined by showrunner Angela Kang who decided Tara's time on the show was over. Kang explained her decision shortly after the episode aired to Entertainment Weekly. via

Where was Tom Payne born?

Tom Payne via

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