Who Makes Sterling Trucks


Does Dodge own Sterling Trucks?

The Sterling Bullet is a medium-duty vocational pickup-truck that was marketed by Sterling Trucks from 2007 to 2009. It is a rebadged Dodge Ram, specifically the 3500/4500/5500 Chassis Cab variant, with the most visible difference being the unique grille compared to the Ram. via

What motor is in Sterling Trucks?

Sterling Trucks offers the Mercedes-Benz MBE900 engine for medium-duty applications, and the Mercedes-Benz MBE4000 engine for on-highway and vocational applications. The MBE900 is available in 4- and 6-cylinder configurations with horsepower ratings up to 330 and torque ratings up to 800 lb. -ft. via

When did Ford sell Sterling?

Freightliner said it invested $30 million in its St. Thomas plant to prepare for Sterling production. Ford sold 12,645 Class 8 trucks in 1997, for 7.1% of the heavy-duty U.S. market that year. via

When were Sterling Trucks discontinued?

The Sterling Trucks brand will be discontinued effective March 2009. The decision came due to overlaps the Sterling brand has with the Freightliner brand, and Sterling has achieved only one-fourth of the market penetration Freightliner has, despite several attempts to project the Sterling nameplate. via

Why did they stop making Sterling trucks?

On October 14, 2008, Daimler Trucks North America announced a plan to discontinue the Sterling product line in an effort to consolidate its North American truck manufacturing operations under the Freightliner and Western Star brands. The company stopped taking orders for new trucks in January 2009, the St. via

Can you still get parts for Sterling trucks?

Sterling Truck will cease production in March. Freightliner will continue to provide parts and service support for another 10 years, and will also support Ford heavy models for another 3 years. For those that are interested, a good stock of new Sterlings are still available. via

Why did Ford get out of heavy trucks?

The Ford Motor Company agreed today to sell its heavy-duty truck business to the Freightliner Corporation, a unit of Daimler-Benz A.G., in a move that would allow Ford to shed a money-losing business and Freightliner to increase its market share in the United States. via

What is the best selling semi truck?

Freightliner is the best selling semi-truck in America today. Freightliner sells about 190K trucks per year! Freightliner dominates with 40% of the commercial truck market share. They also employ over 3,000+ workers in their MT. via

Is MBE 4000 a good engine?

It's stronger and lighter than any engine in its class in the market today. At 12.8L, the MBE4000 diesel engine offers the best power-to-weight ration of big bore engines in the industry. Advanced materials and components make the MBE4000 over 400 pounds lighter than some competing engines. via

Does Autocar still make trucks?

One of the company's early cars was the Pittsburgher. By 1907, the company had decided to concentrate on commercial vehicles, and the Autocar brand is still in use for commercial trucks. Autocar is the oldest surviving motor vehicle brand in the Western Hemisphere. via

Who owns Daimler Trucks North America?

Daimler Trucks North America via

What company owns Mack Trucks?

Mack Trucks via

Who owns Kenworth?

Kenworth via

Does Ford make heavy trucks?

The Ford F-MAX is a heavy-duty truck produced by Ford Otosan. It was introduced in 2018. It was unveiled during the IAA 2018 in Hannover, Germany. It was also chosen to be the International Truck of the Year 2019. via

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