Who Is Linda Evans


What became of Linda Evans?

Linda Evans is 77 years old now. She is reportedly living on a secluded farm in Washington. Linda began working at the age of fifteen, when she got her first television role in an episode, of a then-popular sitcom Bachelor Father. via

What disease does Linda Evans have?

Depression set in when Evans had to face major illnesses that befell her sister and best friend. Though Evans remained positive through her ordeal, she told the audience how depression had changed her life. "Depression caused me to have more compassion," Evans said. via

What is Linda Evans famous for?

Linda Evans is a Norwegian American actress known primarily for her roles on television. She rose to fame playing Audra Barkley, the daughter of Barbara Stanwyck's Victoria Barkley in the 1960s Western TV series, The Big Valley. via

Did Linda Evans wear a wig on Big Valley?

Linda Evans Now Wears a Wig to Cover Her Hair Loss

“This is not my hair” says the actress – who was known for her signature big-haired look – pointing to her short blonde cut in a TV interview with the channel, “This is a wig“. via

Why did Linda Evans leave Dynasty?

“The last three years of 'Dynasty,' we were so successful that I had no days off,” Evans, 78, explained. “Not to knock it, because it was a gift from God, but I knew I wanted more out of my life. Still, I didn't know the show was ending or I would have stuck out the last year.” via

What is Linda Evans age?

Linda Evans via

Did Lee Majors and Linda Evans ever have a relationship?

After Big Valley left the air Lee moved into a role on The Men from Shiloh and began making some TV movies. With his career soaring, Lee began dating again. He dated his Big Valley co-star, Linda Evans, for a while. via

Are Yanni and Linda Evans still friends?

Before he made international headlines as an award-winning pianist, Yanni was best known for his nine-year relationship in the '90s with Dynasty actress Linda Evans. Although they broke up in 1998, Yanni still holds Linda in high regard. via

Does Linda Evans have a child?

Evans had no children, no husband, no big career. Shapiro recalled recently that until five or six years ago, Evans was “by her own admission a day player. . . . She did 'Hunter,' but after that it was just episodic television.” And Shapiro acknowledges that before “Dynasty,” many considered Evans too old to cast. via

Why does Nick Barkley always wear gloves?

Nick always wears gloves because he never knows when he is going to have to punch somebody out, and gloves prevent split knuckles.. I hope he wasn't planning to punch out his mom or sister at the breakfast table. via

What killed Richard Long?

Richard Long via

Are any of The Big Valley cast still alive?

Peter Breck, TV Actor Known for 'The Big Valley,' Dies at 82. Peter Breck, who starred as Barbara Stanwyck's most temperamental son, Nick Barkley, in the popular 1960s western series “The Big Valley,” died on Monday in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was 82 and had lived in Vancouver since the 1980s. via

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