Who Is James Lee


How did James Lee lose his hand?

A bassist since he was a teen, Lee joined a K-pop rock trio, Royal Pirates, in 2009. In 2015, during the band's peak, a tragic accident in Seoul changed his life. As he was entering a restaurant to meet a friend, a steel door frame and glass wall collapsed and crushed his shoulder and severed his left wrist. via

Who is James Lee from lookism?

James Lee introduced as "one of the ten geniuses". James Lee is introduced as a name for Daniel's body. Later on we find out that he is a part of the ten geniuses that Charles Choi raised. When Jiho causes the car accident we find out from Yujin that he is famous idol DG. via

What happened to Royal Pirates?

On September 23, former Royal Pirates member James took to his personal Instagram account to open up about his health complications since his 2015 injury. Unfortunately, James had to leave the band in January 2017 due to increasing health complications, which he explained through a candid letter to fans. via

Who is the strongest in lookism?

Gun has shown consistently to be one of the strongest characters in the series. via

What are the 4 major crews lookism?

The four crews are divided as follows:

  • North: God Dog.
  • South: Workers.
  • East: Hostel.
  • West: Big Deal.
  • via

    Does Daniel lose weight lookism?

    Summary. Despite Daniel exercising every day, he still hasn't managed to lose weight. via

    Did Royal Pirates disband?

    Royal Pirates have announced the group will be going on a 2-year hiatus during member Sooyoon's military service. Royal Pirates are holding a goodbye concert before their hiatus called 'Hasta La Vista', which is set for September 23. via

    Is James Lee Korean?

    James Lee (제임스 이) is a Korean/American musician, singer, songwriter and model. He is a former member of k-rock band Royal Pirates (2009-2017). via

    Is there fighting in Lookism?

    Daniel and Gun's brutal fight comes to an end after Gun is severely beaten by Daniel in his state of unconscious fighting. via

    How tall is Logan Lookism?

    He is also tall, At 188 cm (6'2”) He is one of the Tallest Characters In Lookism, possibly to make him more intimidating as a Antagonist. He has black hair that stands up abnormally. Logan is usually seen with a bored face due to nothing entertaining him, such as a fight. via

    Does Daniel get his second body back?

    Episode 173

    His friends don't recognize his old self and leave him behind. As he pleads for them to come back his handsome body gives him a devilish smile. Daniel wakes up to find out he was dreaming, and not in his second body. Daniel finds his body in the hospital comatose and the police struggle to identify him. via

    Who is the leader of workers lookism?

    Known ones are Gun, Goo, the HNH Chairman. via

    Who are the 10 geniuses in lookism?

    According to Crystal, Charles is raising ten children, referred to as the "ten geniuses", alongside her. Each of these children were chosen for their unique skills and are being groomed to be successful in their respective fields. Of these children are Gun, Goo, Kouji, Crystal, DG, Tom Lee, and James Lee. via

    Who died in lookism?

    Ep. 173: Daniel Park's Death (2/2) | Lookism. via

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