Who Gets Voted Off Survivor


Do people get voted off in Survivor?

After they're voted off, players are immediately interviewed and checked out by a doctor. "Survivor: Island of the Idols" player Karishma Patel said that as soon as host Jeff Probst snuffed her torch, someone with a camera came "out of the bushes" to film her exit interview. via

Where do survivors go when voted off?

Ponderosa is a special holding area for Survivor contestants before they compete and after being eliminated from the game. It is usually located at a resort or a hotel. via

Why do they wear bras on Survivor?

They do this in order to make sure they're either colour-coordinated or don't have clashing clothes. In the US, it's not unheard for producers to even withhold swimsuits from contestants until the merge happens, leaving women to compete in bras. via

Do Survivor contestants get condoms?

A: Since the first "Survivor" season back in 2000, contestants have always been provided with certain basic necessities that they wouldn't really have on a desert island. The list includes tampons, condoms and contact-lens solution. via

Do they poop in the water on Survivor?

On Survivor, contestants do what they call the “aqua-dump.” Yes, that means that they go to the bathroom in the ocean. via

Has anyone got pregnant on Survivor?

Their next challenge! After leaving the show, Sierra Dawn Thomas, Angie Layton and more Survivor castaways have taken on new parenting roles. The season 30 alum announced in November 2020 that she was pregnant with her and husband Joe Anglim's first child. “The turkey ain't the only thing in the oven this year! via

How do they poop on Survivor?

Not all that much has changed, actually, regarding the cast's toilet facilities—or lack thereof. In inland, non-ocean seasons, contestants actually do go to a designated area, dig a hole, and use that. In ocean seasons, it seems the trend lately has been to swim out in the ocean and just let it go. via

Do Survivor contestants get toilet paper?

All Survivor contestants have access to items like feminine products, birth control, vital medications, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Items like soap and toilet paper are not included. via

What can you bring with you on Survivor?

Contestants are expected to abide by both US and local laws. Contestants may not bring his/her luggage to camp during filming except for one hand-held item (known on the show as Luxury Items). Also, they are only allowed to wear pre-approved clothing. via

Can you bring a raincoat on Survivor?

You're allowed to bring: Two shirts. Jacket / Hoodie (edit: never seen a raincoat or soft shell in the recent seasons, so no SftS answers 🙂 ) via

Can they brush their teeth on Survivor?

Can 'Survivor' contestants brush their teeth? Contestants on Survivor are expected to weather the elements for 39 days — and the same will likely hold true for Survivor Season 41 contestants. “We mainly brush our teeth with bamboo on the island,” she explained. “It's a lot of scraping teeth with dirty sticks.” via

Has anyone ever slept together on Survivor?

Taylor Lee Stocker and Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa

During the season premiere of Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen X, Figgy and Taylor wasted no time getting to know each other and spent their first night together spooning and smooching. via

Can you take medication on Survivor?

There's a reason the cast members leave the location looking a little scruffy and unkempt: the contestants are stripped of toiletries like razors, hairbrushes, and toothbrushes. The only thing they do have access to is important necessities, like medication, sunblock, insect repellent, or contact solution. via

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