Which Shopkins Are Worth Money


What is the rarest Shopkin?

Limited Edition Shopkins

  • Roxy Ring (100 made)
  • Brenda Brooch (250 made)
  • Ticky Tock (500 made)
  • Ring-a-Rosie (1,000 made)
  • Chelsea Charm (2,500 made)
  • Ruby Earring (5,000 made)
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    What are the barcodes on Shopkins for?

    FUN FACT: Each Shopkins character comes with a QR code on the bottom that can be scanned with the Shopkins Chef Club app, bringing your Shopkins characters to life. While your kids certainly don't have to do this to enjoy the playsets and fun, it is an extra way for them to engage. via

    What are the best Shopkins?

    List of 9 Best Shopkins Toys Reviews

  • Shopkins Shoppies Shopville Super Mall.
  • Shopkins S3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck.
  • Shopkins Join the Party Playset.
  • Shopkins Supermarket Playset.
  • Shopkins Food Themed Pack Cupcake Collection.
  • Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Camper Van.
  • Shopkins Happy Places Mansion.
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    What is the most famous Shopkin?

    Shopkins are some of the most popular toys in 2016, and here are some favourites from the series:

  • Strawberry Kiss. A rare member of the fruits and veggies team, Strawberry Kiss is one of the best (and tastiest) Shopkins characters out there.
  • Tammy TV. Tammy is always excited.
  • Pancake Jake.
  • Ice Cream Queen.
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    What was the first Shopkin?

    Season One is the first edition of Shopkin toys. It came out in Mid/Late June 2014. It included 12 packs, 5 packs, 20 packs, 10 packs, and 2 packs of Shopkins. Playsets included in Season One are the Small Mart, Fruit & Veg Stand, Bakery, and XL Shoppin' Cart playsets. via

    Are Shopkins being discontinued?

    With only 4 seasons produced, the line was also discontinued in 2020. via

    How much do Shopkins cost?

    Moose Toys has sold more than 115 million Shopkins toys (generally priced at $2.99) since launching in 2014. Shopkins's popularity propelled it to the No. 2 trending toy search on Google (GOOGL) this October. "The idea with Shopkins is to inspire kids' imagination," said Ally Barajas, VP of marketing for Moose Toys. via

    What do you do with Shopkins?

    Seven things to do with Shopkins

  • Cupcake Toppers. You can use them to top cupcakes for your child's cupcakes that they take to school for their birthday or at their party.
  • Treat Containers.
  • Doll Backpack.
  • Advent Calendar.
  • Shopkin Swap Game.
  • Guess the Shopkin Game.
  • Shopkin Necklaces.
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    Where do I scan my Shopkins? (video)

    What age group is Shopkins for?

    Shopkins : 8-11 Years. via

    What is similar to Shopkins?

    5 Toys Very Much Like Shopkins Toys

  • Beanie Baby.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
  • Grocery Gang.
  • Trash Pack.
  • Polly Pocket.
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    Are Shopkins good toys?

    Shopkins with their irresistible faces and fun food shapes are a favorite for many kids. They're designed as a collectible, tradeable toy complete with trading cards and carrying cases. They come in seasons and are divided by their food types like sweets or bakery. via

    What is the newest toy craze?

    The newest fidget craze is popping toys. Adults and kids all over the world have been buying up this endlessly reusable version of a longtime favorite fidget activity: popping bubble wrap. via

    Why do Shopkins have holes?

    Yes, there is a tiny hole on the bottom. They are not made for pencils but they do fit on top of them. The hole is designed to hold shopkins in the grocery cart. Certain shopkins have a hole in the bottom that is meant for the playlets, but the ones that have holes do fit on pencils. via

    Who is the main character in Shopkins?

    The leader of the main Shopkins of the Small Mart. A never-say-die kind of foodstuff, Apple Blossom has the ability to find adventure and fun in the most unlikely of places. Despite a small prankster streak, she buckles down against enemies that threaten the Small Mart, and is always there to protect her friends. via

    What are Shopkins called now?

    Real Littles are miniatures of iconic brands with a matching Shopkin inside, and now they're bringing the cutest micro-versions of favorite frozen foods to the toy aisle in partnership with the Unilever family of brands, Conagra and Kellogg's. via

    How many Shopkins real Littles are there?

    Inside every Mini Pack is a Shopkin to match, just waiting to pop out and surprise you! There are over 85 Real Littles to dispense from a variety of different departments! There are so many treats to meet - Breakfast Buddies, Delish Desserts, Drinks, Snacks, Frozen Friends, Sweet Treats and more! via

    What's the difference between real Littles and Shopkins?

    Moose Brands

    Shopkins Real Littles™ are the same brands you find in the supermarkets – just made mini! But these cute items are packed full of Real Little Shopkins! Take home a basket full of brands and make your own real looking store – just smaller! via

    What are the most valuable Shopkins?

  • 1 Cupcake Queen.
  • 2 Marsha Mellow.
  • 3 Roxy Ring.
  • 4 Frenchy Perfume.
  • 5 Paula Puzzle.
  • 6 Tiny Tiara Topper.
  • 7 Sophie Trophie.
  • 8 UK Cutie.
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    Will there be a Shopkins season 15?

    Fanmade Season 15 is a season created by Shopkins79318. It is a World Vacation remake. For wave 1 the Ultras are going to be the glitter Into Indonesia Shopkins. The Special Editions are the Bag Charms and the Limited Editions are the Shimmering Snow Globes. via

    What's the latest Shopkins season?

    Season Twelve, also known as Real Littles, was released in August 2019. Season Twelve includes Mini Packs which are based off real brands. Each Shopkin came in a Mini Pack. Season Thirteen, also known as Real Littles Season Two, was released in January 2020. via

    Are LOL dolls inappropriate?

    According to one parent, who called out the brand on Facebook, several boy versions of the dolls were deemed "inappropriate and obscene for small children especially girls as they are anatomically correct with no warning on the packaging." via

    Are LOL dolls worth money?

    Due to the nature of blind bags, certain L.O.L. Surprise dolls are rarer than other. Surprise line is over five years old, collecting the dolls is still a pretty popular hobby. The rarest dolls are listed on eBay for double or even quadruple the original retail price. via

    Are Shopkins boys?

    Boys and Girls Can Play

    Shopkins have a ton of character 'foods' that are perfect for boys and girls. Siblings can play together and purchase pizza, ice cream, fruits and vegetables that look like characters. via

    What does Cupcake Queen look like?

    Cupcake Queen is a metallic golden cupcake with white frosting and pink sprinkles. In her static artwork, she is depicted as having pink eyes (purple in the Shopkins Cartoon), blue frosting with both pink and yellow sprinkles, and a fully golden scepter. In Season Nine, she was re-released with a Wild Style look. via

    What are the names of the Shopkins characters?


  • Apple Blossom.
  • Cheeky Chocolate.
  • Spilt Milk.
  • Chee Zee.
  • Cupcake Queen.
  • Dum Mee Mee.
  • Toasty Pop.
  • Slick Breadstick.
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    What year did Shopkins come out?

    Shopkins was launched in 2014. via

    How many Shopkins are there in season 1?

    Shopkins Season 1 (12-Pack) (Styles Will Vary) (Discontinued by manufacturer) via

    Is Shopkins a show?

    SHOPKINS is a series of animated shorts starring anthropomorphic grocery store items who live in a supermarket in Shopville. via

    What are exclusive Shopkins?

    Exclusive Shopkins are a team of Shopkins introduced in Season One. The characters in this team include playset exclusive Shopkins, and other Shopkins that are exclusive to certain packs. via

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