Where Can I Buy Nuka Cola


Where can I find Nuka Cola?


  • Sold by vendors and found as loot.
  • Diamond City's Colonial Taphouse often sells several Nuka-Cola.
  • Multiple can be found in a vending machine outside of Park Street station.
  • Seven around Power Noodles.
  • Six on The Prydwen.
  • Five in the Shamrock Taphouse.
  • Five in Vault 81.
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    Is there real Nuka Cola?

    In the post-apocalyptic role-playing games Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, Nuka-Cola Quantum was a rare variant of the regular Nuka-Cola drink found all over the Wasteland. It's recognizable by its icy blue color. real-life Nuka-Cola Quantum on Thursday, with no mention of quantities and price. via

    What is the fastest way to get Nuka Cola in fallout shelter?

    Speeding up the return time when a dweller is returning from the wasteland or a quest. Skipping quests. Rush, and instantly complete the productions of weapon and outfit workshop. Using them to speed up the time in the barbershop. via

    How do you get Nuka Cola in Fallout 4? (video)

    Is Nuka Cola flat?

    A rare commodity in the Wasteland, Ice Cold Nuka-Cola is regular Nuka-Cola that has been chilled in a working refrigeration unit. While chilled, it is is irradiated and flat. via

    Can you craft Nuka Cola?

    The Nuka-mixer station is a soda fountain style machine, split into three sections which are used for crafting Nuka-Cola mixes, either freehand or using recipes. via

    Why is the Nuka-Cola blue?

    Nuka-Cola, of course, is best known for its caps, which serve as a currency in the Fallout series, but Nuka-Cola Quantum is a rare, addictive variety of the drink that gets its fluorescent blue glow from a small amount of radioactive strontium. via

    Does Nuka-Cola have alcohol?

    Nuka-Cola Dark is an alcoholic version of Nuka-Cola, boasting a 35% alcoholic content per volume. via

    Does Nuka-Cola have radiation?

    Nuka cola is made deliberately radioactive, even pre-war. It's kind of like root beer, it's an actual type of soda, made from sassafras, so it's kind of anise flavored, but it's not as sweet as root beer. Pretty delicious in real life, kind of tart. via

    How do I speed up my Nuka Cola?

    To use it in a Quest or in the Wasteland, access the Wasteland log and press the Nuka-Cola button to speed up time. To use it in a Crafting room or the Barbershop, begin crafting/customization, then press the Nuka-Cola button on the bottom-left corner of the screen. via

    Does the Nuka Cola bottler make Nuka Cola?

    The Nuka-Cola bottler provides food and water for the vault when dwellers are assigned to it. It is the only Tier III resource production room in the game and also the only one that provides two types of resources at once. It does not produce Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles. via

    How do you get Nuka Cola power armor? (video)

    How much does Nuka Cola bottler cost?

    Building Cost

    The starting cost to build a Nuka-Cola Bottler room is 3000 CAPS; each additional room cost +750 CAPS more than the previous. via

    What does Nuka Cola taste like?

    The Nuka Cola Quantum flavor is just a repackaged Berry Lemonade. Which is the same neon blue color, but with no passion fruit (which we know the first one had) it can't be that flavor. via

    How many flavors of Nuka Cola are there?

    Their are 9 standard flavors of Nuka Cola. This consists of Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry, Nuka Cola Quantum, Nuka Cola Dark, Nuka Grape, Nuka Cola Orange, Nuka Cola Quartz, Nuka Cola Victory, and Nuka Cola Wild. These flavors can be found randomly throughout the Commonwealth and Nuka World. via

    What is Nuka Cola made of?

    The combination of carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate, citric acid, caffeine, and natural flavors was marketed as being fortified with "vitaminerals" and "health tonics." Ingredients were combined in just the right proportion, to the level that shortages of ingredients or via

    Which Nuka mix lasts the longest?

    As mentioned in the comments, Nuka-Power seems to be the most effective mix because it has the longest duration of all the mixes. via

    Is there a Nuka Cola factory in Fallout 4?

    The Nuka-Cola bottling plant appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World. via

    How do you make a Nuka Cola float? (video)

    Who is the most famous reporter in Diamond City?

    Who is the most famous reporter in Diamond City? Travis Miles. via

    What font is Nuka Cola?

    The main part of the video game logo (Nuka-World part) was probably designed based on a casual script typeface named Brush Script, designed in 1942 by Robert E. Smith. For the Fallout logo, you may read our previous post about the original Fallout logo. For the tagline “Enjoy The Ride!!”, it is set in Futura Bold. via

    Is Nuka-Cola in New Vegas?

    Nuka-Cola is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas. via

    How big is a Nuka-Cola bottle?

    Official Fallout Nuka Cola Logo Plastic Bottle - 34-Ounce Container with Lid for Water, Tea, Coffee - Includes Molded Ice Cubes - Drinking Cup for Travel, Hiking, Running - Licensed Merchandise. via

    What is the secret ingredient in Nuka Cola Quantum?

    With its new Strontium additive, its got that unique kick to keep you on your toes. Yep, radioactive isotope Strontium-90 is the secret ingredient they use to make it stand out on shelves! It also gives the beverage a “kick” and makes your pee glow! via

    Is Nuka Cola addictive?

    162: "There are numerous reported instances of addiction to Nuka-Cola, with excessive consumption causing painful headaches in those who go too long without a bottle of that thirst-zapping beverage. This, however, doesn't happen in the same way as other addictions such as to alcohol or to chems like Jet." via

    Does Coca Cola exist in the Fallout universe?

    It isn't. It's a Nuka-World loading screen. Coca-Cola was invented before the Fallout universe's timeline diverged from the real world's timeline. So yeah, it would've existed, but was eventually put out of business or something like that by NukaCola. via

    Can you make Nuka Cola Quantum Fallout 4?

    In Fallout 4, Quantum replenishes a large number of Hit Points for a drink. Nuka-Cola Quantum can be put into Buddy through the "I'll take a beer" dialogue option to produce ice cold Nuka-Cola Quantum 12 hours later, despite not being a beer. via

    Who should I give the Nuka Cola Quantum to?

    Sometimes, if one has enough Nuka-Cola Quantum to complete the quest "The Nuka-Cola Challenge" before talking to Sierra, and gives them to her in the same dialogue as the quest is given, then she will take them out and give hand over the caps but no schematic. The quest is then completed. via

    How do you get the Nuka Cola from a bottle and Cappy in fallout shelter?

    How do I get Bottle and Cappy in Fallout Shelter? To acquire Bottle and Cappy, you must complete the "Nabbed from Nuka-World" quest line. Upon completion, they will occasionally visit and walk around your Vault. Selecting them when they dance will award you with Caps or Nuka Cola Quantum. via

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