What Voltron Lion Are You


What do the Voltron Lions represent?

The Red Lion corresponds with Fire. The Green Lion corresponds with Forest. The Blue Lion corresponds with Water/Ice. The Yellow Lion corresponds with Earth. via

What is the strongest Lion Voltron?

  • The Black Lion is the largest of the Lions and said to be the most skilled in combat, as well as the smartest, strongest, and most difficult Lion to fly, demanding the most energy from its Paladin.
  • Once Voltron is formed, the Lion allows a weapon to be summoned when combined with a Bayard.
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    Do the Voltron Lions have names?

    The five Lions are the Black Lion, the Red Lion, the Blue Lion, the Green Lion, and the Yellow Lion. They were piloted by Shiro, Keith, Lance, Allura, Pidge, and Hunk respectively. via

    Is the Red Lion a girl Voltron?

    The Red Lion's "sex" is confirmed as male, as stated during the panel at the 2017 New York Comic Con. This means Lance has flirted with a male in the series, mistaking it for female. The Red Lion is very often assumed as female due to it's behaviour towards Keith in earlier seasons(and possibly size/appearance). via

    Are the lions in Voltron alive?

    14 IT'S ALIVE!

    Acting as an extension of the dedicated pilots, the Voltron team has saved the universe with their lions more than once. But according to the anime Voltron was adapted from, the pilots might not deserve all the credit. In fact, those lions might actually be alive. via

    Is the green lion a girl?

    Trivia. Pidge refers the Green Lion as female. The original green paladin was named Trigel, who was from the Dalterion belt. The associated personality trait of the lion is an adventurous, inquisitive nature. via

    Why did Lance get the Blue Lion?

    The Blue Lion represents the heart of Voltron.

    Lance convinced the other two to come with him to rescue Shiro, where they ran into Keith, and so were all together to discover the Blue Lion. via

    Do black lions exist in the wild?

    Do Black Lions Exist? No. Black-maned lions are real, however, completely-black lions do not exist. In 2012, pictures made the rounds that showed black-haired lions. via

    Which Voltron Lion is the weakest?

    Green Lion - Forms Voltron's left arm. Weaker than the other lions when unmerged, but makes up for it with speed and stealth. It hides in the forests of Arus and is piloted by Pidge. Red Lion - Rests deep inside a volcano far from the Castle of Lions. via

    Did Lance and Allura get together?

    Lance is the first one to support Allura after her heartbreak from Lotor's betrayal. In Season 7, Allura blushes at Lance and tells him to stay safe. Lance's sister Veronica teases Lance by telling him that the princess likes him. In Season 8, Lance and Allura get together before their relationship is cut short. via

    Why is Shiro's hair white?

    Why does Shiro have a streak of white hair? According to Shiro's own hand written notes, it's because of stress. In his own words, “Stress can do some pretty terrible things.” via

    What is Keith's Wolf's name?

    Kosmo is a blue teleporting cosmic wolf, that looks similar to an Earth wolf. When Keith and Krolia found him inside the Quantum Abyss, they adopted the then young wolf and took him with them on their journey. via

    Is there a pink lion in Voltron?

    Princess Allura of Arus filled in for Sven, but her position as Commander-in-Chief after her father King Alfor's death technically made her a superior to Keith. She wore a pink uniform nd took over Sven's Blue Lion. via

    Who killed Sendak?

    After the disappearance of Voltron, he led an invasion of Earth that lasted 3 years until his forces were defeated by the Galaxy Garrison and the Paladins. He was then killed by Keith after he fought and defeated Shiro. His death brought an end to the invasion. via

    Is Lance part of Altean?

    Altean Lance? As mentioned above, Lance now has Altean markings. He doesn't get the distinctive pointy ears Allura and Coran have and, at least from what we see, he isn't displaying any of the powers or strength associated with the Alteans. via

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