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What is the rarest Dere type?

5 Most Common "Dere" Types In Anime (& 5 That Are Rare)

  • 8 Common: Tsundere.
  • 7 Rare: Shundere.
  • 6 Common: Kuudere.
  • 5 Rare: Dorodere.
  • 4 Common: Dandere.
  • 3 Rare: Yottadere.
  • 2 Common: Deredere.
  • 1 Rare: Darudere.
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    What is my anime dere?

    Here's a brief explanation: -Dere comes from the term “deredere” (デレデレ). It means something like lovestruck or lovey-dovey. It refers to the love and crush archetypes of anime characters. For instance, if you are the type of person who would bombard their lover with kisses, your Dere is Deredere. via

    What type of dere is DEKU?

    deku as dandere (an extremely anxious bean that cries even when u say hi) ; “so, sorry!!” todo as kuudere (physically incapable of expressing emotion) ; “…” via

    What Dere type are?

    The word "dere" comes from "deredere" (デレデレ), an onomatopoeia meaning "lovestruck" or "lovey dovey". Dere type characters are characters that express their affection in different ways, or on different levels. Most of the dere types are how characters react to becoming lovestruck. via

    What is Bakadere?

    A "Bakadere" refers to a character who is very clumsy and stupid. More often than not, they lack common sense. via

    What is a Oujidere?

    An "Oujidere", sometimes spelled "Ōjidere", refers to a character who wants to be treated like a prince or a king by the person he loves, even if he is not actual royalty. Oujidere characters have a prince complex. They can be real arrogant princes or only want to be treated like royalty. via

    What is Hinedere?

    A "Hinedere", also known as "Hinodere" in some media, refers to characters who have cynical world views, are cold-hearted, and are highly arrogant. They will get easily annoyed by other people, included the love interest at first. via

    What is a Yangire?

    Yangire (also referred to "Cute and Psycho") is a Japanese term used to refer to normal people who suddenly become violent, sometimes due to a past trauma. A Yangire is a character whom snaps suddenly out jealousy, irritation or similar. If a Yangire is also a yandere, they are instead considered a Yandegire. via

    Is Hinata a Dandere?

    Hinata is likely the most well known Dandere of all time and we're sure being the wife of one of the most well known shonen protagonists out there has something to do with it. Hinata is the queen of the Dandere and rightfully so. Even when she's already married to the man, she's still pretty shy around Naruto. via

    What Dere type is sayori?

    Monika: Yandere. Sayori: Dorodere And Deredere. Natsuki: Tsundere and Bordere. Yuri: Kuudere and Dandere. via

    What is a Tsunshun?

    Tsunshun (Tag Name : ツンしゅん or ツンシュン) is a character archetype that describes a character acting hostile first, then later feeling depressed when alone. via

    What dere is Onodera?

    5 HAJIDERE: Kosaki Onodera (Nisekoi)

    The hajidere is one of the simplest and most common anime tropes in romance series. They are the king and quiet characters who always find themselves flustered around their main crush. via

    What is your Waifu?

    A waifu is a female character from a manga series one has a special affection for, and if you are a fan of anime, you probably know one of the best characters. via

    Is Toga a Yandere?

    Or, at least, want to find their League of Villains who might celebrate you for you. Undeniably, the Yandere elements of Himiko's character makes her popular among some, but what makes Himiko endure beyond those superficial reasons is how people might identify with her. There's a reason people cosplay her so often. via

    How many types of dere are there?

    Some dere types are more popular than others, and some are so obscure that they might be nearly unheard of. That said, there are more than 10 types of dere, with some being more common than others. The dere archetypes below are some of the most common ones seen across anime, but some rare ones have also been thrown in. via

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