What Lantern Am I


Which Lantern Corps is the strongest?

Blue Lantern Corps

It is the most powerful color but also the most difficult to master and needs Green nearby to reach its full potential. Blue can, however, drain Yellow rings of their power and suppress Red and Orange. via

What are the 7 Lantern Corps?

Lantern Corps revolve around a spectrum: green, red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, violet, white, and black. via

What do all the lantern colors mean?

The storylines "Sinestro Corps War" and "Blackest Night" introduce the rest of the spectrum, along with its emotions, corps and rings: red (rage), orange (avarice/greed), yellow (fear), green (willpower), blue (hope), indigo (compassion), violet (love), black (death), and white (life). via

What is the weakest Lantern color?

Green Lanterns are the most dedicated and heroic warriors of the Emotional Spectrum, so why do they choose to work with Blue Lanterns, the weakest? In the vast annals that make up the Green Lantern Corps mythos, the Blue Lanterns are a Corps powered by the emotion of hope. via

Is there a black lantern?

The Black Lantern Corps are the slain and deceased beings from throughout the universe who fell into the domain of the dead. They are the army of Nekron, the Lord of the Unliving, and their purpose is to eliminate all life. The Black Lantern Rings are wielded by the deceased. via

Can Green Lantern beat Superman?

Watch out, Superman. The Power Rings of the Green Lantern Corps are said to be the most powerful weapons in the universe. This actually gives Lanterns a very easy way to beat beings like Superman – by manifesting Kryptonite radiation out of thin air. via

Will they remake Green Lantern?

In July 2015, Warner Bros. announced plans to release a solo Green Lantern film titled Green Lantern Corps, with an original release date scheduled for June 19, 2020. The film will be an installment in the DC Extended Universe. via

What is the White Lantern Oath?

The Real White Lantern Corps Oath

In brightest day, In brightest night, Let my ring shine the brightest light, When evil comes, I will join the fight, The power of my lantern shines the brightest light. via

Is Batman a Black Lantern?

In DC Comics' Death Metal, Batman wields the power of the undead against the Batman Who Laughs with the help of a Black Lantern ring. Warning! When it comes to grotesque, horror-themed monstrosities in the DC Universe, the Black Lanterns are in a league of their own. via

Is Red Lantern good or bad?

The Red Lantern Corps are a major villainous organization, functioning as anti-heroes throughout much of the DC universe and they were enemies of the Green Lantern Corps. Their power is derived from the emotional spectrum, and particularly out of pure anger and rage. via

Is White Lantern good or bad?

Each White Lantern possesses a power ring that lets the user create white energy constructs powered by life itself. The original wielder of the Entity, Sinestro, displays the ability to eradicate swarms of Black Lanterns effortlessly and is described as "godlike". via

Can Lantern rings be stolen?

A Green Lantern's Power Ring is one of their most guarded items, as the cosmic jewelry allows them to transform into guardians of the universe. However, Batman managed to not only steal Hal Jordan's ring right off his finger not just once but twice! via

What is the Yellow Lantern powers?

Yellow Power rings, considered by some to be one of the most powerful weapons in the known universe, has the ability to affect and use fundamental forces of the known universe, including electromagnetic energies such as gravity, radiation, heat, light, and powerful blasts of concussive force. via

Is atrocitus a good guy?

Prime Earth Atrocitus. Atrocitus, formerly known as Atros, is a DC Comics supervillain/anti-hero found in the Green Lantern comics. He is the leader (and first member) of the Red Lantern Corps, which embodies the emotion of rage and anger. via

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