What Is The City Of Bones About


What is the summary of City of Bones?

An evening at a New York nightclub takes an unexpected turn for 15-year-old Clary when she witnesses what looks like a murder - but the victim's body has vanished into thin air. What's even more strange is that her best friend Simon couldn't even see the attack take place. via

Why is it called City of Bones?

The title refers to the Silent City, which is sometimes referred to as the City of Bones. The book is told from different points of view, namely from Clary and Jace, and briefly in a demon's, Hodge's, and Luke's. Cassandra Clare is good friends with the author Holly Black. via

Is City of Bones appropriate for 12 year old?

This contemporary (urban) dark fantasy by Cassandra Clare is the first book in ” The Mortal Instruments” series and is published by Margaret K. McElderry Books, a division of Simon and Schuster Children's Books. City of Bones is written for ages 14 and up. via

Is City of Bones a good read?

The book is well-written and engaging. It presents it's readers with ideas to think about as well as being an entertaining narrative. I highly recommend it for readers who are fans of urban fantasy. via

Who is Clary's Parabatai?

Clarissa "Clary" Adele Fairchild, also known as Clary Fray, is the Shadowhunter daughter of Jocelyn Fray and the notorious Valentine Morgenstern. via

Who wrote City of Bones?

City of Bones via

What age is City of Bones for?

Age Appropriate For: 14+. via

Who is clarys brother?

Sebastian Morgenstern, born Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern, was the son of Valentine and Jocelyn, and the older brother of Clary Fairchild. As a result of experiments done on him by his father, Sebastian was a Shadowhunter born with demon blood. via

Is Magnus in City of Bones?

Magnus Bane in City of Bones. via

Is City of Fallen Angels appropriate?

Book Review

City of Fallen Angels is written for ages 14 and up. The age range reflects readability and not necessarily content appropriateness. via

Is there romance in City of Bones?

There's definitely more to the series than romance. It has a lot of adventure and politics and thrills and mystery and epic battles and all that fun. But, even setting romance level completely aside, there are three triangles in this series. via

Do Jace and Clary end up together?

The fact that she and Jace still ended up together in spite of that was a welcome treat that I wasn't expecting. As co-showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer explained in an interview with TVLine, Clary recognizing Jace proved that their love is more powerful than the angels' desire to keep them apart. via

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