What Is A Charging Handle


Do charging handles make a difference?

Even the most basic Mil-Spec style charging handle can be well made and can stand above other Mil-Spec options. While the differences are subtle, once you start running the charging handle, they are significant. A textured grip is excellent for clearing jams when your hands are sweaty or if you are wearing gloves. via

What is a side charging handle?

On a side-charger, you might have guessed…the charging handle on the side. These uppers are specially cut to allow for a groove on the left side for a charging handle, as you'd find on a SCAR or an MP5. via

Are ambidextrous charging handles worth it?

Ambidextrous charging handle: The ambidextrous version is often preferred for use as a tactical charging handle. You can use it with equal proficiency with either hand. Gas buster: The gas buster charging handle works equally well in normal firing situations or when shooting rimfire AR-15s and suppressed rifles. via

What is the purpose of a charging handle on an AR15?

The cocking handle, also known as charging handle or bolt handle, is a device on a firearm which, when manipulated, results in the bolt being pulled to the rear, putting the hammer/striker into a spring-loaded ("cocked") "ready and set" position, allowing the operator to open the breech and eject any spent/unwanted via

Will a side charging Upper work on any lower?

Side charging AR-15 complete uppers are compatible with any mil-spec AR-15 lower. via

What is a side charging upper receiver?

A side charging upper assembly eliminates the need for a charging handle. Rather than placement in the back, the charging handle is moved to the side. Side-charging AR-15s are similar in action to the FN SCAR and AK47. via

What is a side charging AR-15?

It puts the charging handle on the left side and it's non-reciprocating so you don't have to worry about it working loose. Also the back of the upper where the normal charging handle would be has a cover to keep gases away from your face. via

Are all charging handles the same size?

AFAIK there's only one length of "mil spec" AR15 upper, so all of the charging handles are the same length. via

What is a Latchless charging handle?

The Strike Industries AR Latchless Charging Handle is an AR-style charging handle with a solid mounting point for ISO Tabs. It's made from aluminum and offers side gas venting and a comfortable user interface with a natural radius. The flat spring bearing surface and absence of moving/external parts promote longevity. via

Are AR15 and AR 10 charging handles the same?

This means they cannot be interchanged. However, the buffer tubes are the same length, making them compatible with either rifle. via

What is the handle of a gun called?

Grip: The handle of a handgun, the portion of the stock to the rear of the trigger on a long gun. via

What is an ambi charging handle?

This ambidextrous charging handle features textured latches on both sides permitting you can quickly charge your AR15 from either side. The latches are strong enough that you can use the palm of your hand or your thumb for quick weapon manipulation. via

Are AR-15 charging handles interchangeable?

Unless the AR in question is using proprietary receivers or has been redesigned (ie side-charging), then yes AR-15 charging handle is pretty much a universal part that is interchangeable with any rifle that is MILSPEC or uses MILSPEC dimensions. via

Is Bear Creek Arsenal any good?

First, they are very budget-friendly rifles. Second, they are literally the only brand that offers a side charging AR-15 that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Third, their customer service team is one of the best in the industry. And that's pretty much the whole story. via

What happened to American Spirit Arms?

American Spirit Arms has ceased operations (it's about time!). via

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