What Happened To The Lylas


What happen to the lylas?

It was fun to watch Bruno Mars' sisters' journey, but after eight episodes, The Lylas TV show ended after their mother's death, to allow the family time to recover. The first episode showcased how they left their hometown Hawaii and moved to L.A. to pursue music. via

How old is Tahiti Hernandez?

Tahiti Hernandez via

How many sisters does Bruno Mars have?

9. Does Bruno Mars have any siblings? Bruno's brother Eric, has often served as the drummer for his backup band, The Hooligans. Their sisters, Tiara, Tahiti, and Presley, as well as cousin Jaime, make up the girl group The Lylas. via

What is Bruno Mars Sisters group name?

The Lylas -- an acronym for Love Ya Like a Sister -- are Tahiti, Tiara, Presley and Jamie Hernandez. They are trying to make it in pop without the help of their brother Bruno Mars. Breaking into music after a sibling does so can be a gift and a curse. via

How tall is Bruno Mars?

Bruno Mars via

Who is Bruno Mars girlfriend?

Bruno Mars via

How old is Bruno Mars?

Bruno Mars via

Who is Tahiti Kemper?

Tahiti Kemper now

Now, Tahiti Kemper is a certified fitness instructor, and one half of Uproar Fitness North Shore, along with her husband Billy Kemper. via

Who is the oldest of Bruno Mars siblings?

Jaime Kailani, who is the oldest of the six siblings (including brother Eric, who is Bruno's drummer), naturally is the mother of the group, always making sure everyone has eaten and is taken care of. via

Is Bruno Mars in a band?

Bruno Mars via

Is Bruno Mars brother still his drummer?

Throughout the years he continued to play live and do session work for various artists such as Menudo, Travie Mc Coy and the Platinum producing team called “The Smeezingtons.” Eric is currently the session and tour drummer for Grammy Award Winner, Platinum Producer, and Elektra recording artist Bruno Mars. via

Is Bruno Mars Filipino?

His father is of half Puerto Rican and half Ashkenazi Jewish descent (from Ukraine and Hungary), and is originally from Brooklyn, New York. His mother emigrated from the Philippines to Hawaii, and was of Filipina and some Spanish ancestry. via

What nationality is Bruno Mars?

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