What Happened To Samsung White


Who was on Samsung white?

(Looper, PawN, Mata, Imp, DanDy)

On June 11th, 2014 MVP Ozone was renamed to Samsung White. Some will say the greatest esports team ever assembled. Having at least 3 players being the best in their role globally gave them the skill cap to defeat anyone. via

What happened to Samsung League of Legends?

Samsung's League of Legends division was created on September 7, 2013, after MVP's two teams, MVP Blue and MVP White, were acquired by Samsung. The two teams later merged and Samsung Galaxy went on to finish as the runners-up of the 2016 World Championship and the champions of the 2017 World Championship. via

Is Samsung Galaxy now Gen G?

2018 Preseason. Gen.G (then known as KSV eSports) acquired the 2017 League of Legends World Champions Samsung Galaxy's roster. The acquisition happened on the 30th of November, 2017. via

Does Samsung have an esports team?

The company's esports team, called Samsung Galaxy, was founded in 2013 after MVP Blue and MVP White were acquired by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy teams competed in esports titles including League of Legends, StarCraft, and StarCraft II. via

What year did SSW win worlds?

2014 League of Legends World Championship - Wikipedia. via

Why was SSG disbanded?

YouTube has shut down a popular channel for tweens called SevenSuperGirls after the channel's creator pleaded guilty to child abuse in a Florida court. "We take safety on YouTube very seriously," a company spokesperson said in a statement emailed to BuzzFeed News. via

What is the revenue for Samsung?

Samsung Electronics via

What region is SSG from?

Spacestation Gaming (also referred to as simply Spacestation or SSG) is a multi-regional professional esports organization based out of Utah, USA founded & owned by social media influencer Shaun "Shonduras" McBride. via

Is Geng Samsung?

Gen. G has signed Samsung Electronics as an official sponsor for the company's esports teams. The move is the first since Gen. via

What is Gen G gaming?

Established in 2017, Gen. G is the leading esports organization connecting the U.S. and Asia. Ranked #6 in the 2020 Forbes list of the world's most valuable esports companies, Gen. G's core mission is to help fans and athletes use the power of gaming and esports to get ahead in and beyond the competition. via

What players are in SSG?


  • Skys. Alexander Magor. Twitter Twitch ESL.
  • Bosco. Dylan Bosco. Twitter Twitch ESL.
  • Hotancold. Matthew Stevens. Twitter Twitch ESL.
  • Rampy. Nathanial Duvall. Twitter Twitch ESL.
  • Fultz. Alec Fultz. Twitter Twitch ESL.
  • via

    Is Evan Braddock in SSG?

    Evan Braddock Joins SSG!: R6ProLeague. via

    Who did Canadian replace on SSG?

    After a disappointing group stage exit from the Raleigh Major, Evil Geniuses' captain, Canadian, has left for SSG, replacing Chala, with Modigga drafted in as his successor. via

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