What Are The Names Of The Care Bears With Pictures


Who is the most popular Care Bear?

Bedtime Bear: An original and perhaps the most popular Care Bear was this aqua blue toy with the moon and stars tummy symbol. He is a very sleepy bear. Bedtime Bear is one of only a few Care Bears that can be found wearing clothes. 2. via

What is the name of the Care Bear with the moon and star?

He's strong, brave and alert. When Bedtime Bear is on duty, there's no reason to be frightened by anything that goes bump in the night. Nighttime is the right time for happy dreaming - that is the meaning of Bedtime Bear's tummy symbol: a crescent moon and a star. via

What is the Care Bears name with the rainbow?

Cheer Bear is one of the main five characters of the 2007-2008 Adventures in Care-a-Lot series. Characterizing as her same cheery self, she sometimes takes on a nurturing, motherly role on top of it. In this series, Cheer Bear wears a rainbow-colored bow tied up into a ponytail. via

What's the name of Care Bear?

The 10 original Care Bears consisted of Bedtime Bear, Birthday Bear, Cheer Bear, Friend Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-a-lot Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and Wish Bear. Later on, additional bears joined them, as well as the Cousins. via

Is grumpy bear a boy or girl?

Grumpy is one of the few remaining bears who must mount a rescue mission along with two children named John and Dawn. When the team arrives in Dark Heart's lair, they are joined by Christy who laments her actions and helps the rest of the crew to get the evil shape-shifter to care, transforming him into a real boy. via

Who is the leader of the Care Bears?

In Care Bears: Unlock the Magic, Tenderheart is the leader of the Care Bears, although his role is reduced to an anchor in the Caring Tower, alongside Wish and Bedtime. Tenderheart instead made Cheer the leader of the Cloudseeker group. He is very much like his previous incarnations. via

Are Care Bears worth any money?

Vintage Care Bears are now prized items for serious toy collectors, and they can fetch hundreds – or even possibly thousands – of dollars. As reported by 7 News, some bears sell for less than $10 but if you've got the right one, some can fetch nearly $800. via

What Color Is Best Friend Bear?

Purple Best Friend Care Bear with Multi-color rainbow, star and heart on stomach. via

What gender are the Care Bears?

Funshine Bear makes their animated debut in the very first Care Bears 1983 television special. Here, as seen throughout the remainder of the original series, they are depicted as female. via

What is the light purple Care Bear called?

Share Bear has lavender purple fur and her Belly Badge was originally a pink sprinkled ice cream soda with two straws in it. However, it was changed in 2002 to two heart shaped lollipops (one being pink with a blue heart and stick and the other being blue with a pink heart and stick). via

Do your best Carebear?

Descriptions. 2004-2006: Do-Your-Best Bear is a Care Bear who dreams big and never gives up. Like his name says, he helps others put their best into everything they do. He's an upbeat bear who's always ready to say, "Great job!" His "aim high" attitude shows in his tummy symbol—a beautiful kite. via

Who is the purple Care Bear with Flower?

Harmony Bear always has violet fur, but her Belly badge has changed numerous times throughout the years. First beginning as a rainbow music note, then a red heart with two small pink hearts, and currently, a smiling rainbow flower. via

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