What Are Nom Noms


Who made nom noms?

This is a wiki dedicated to Num-Noms, a cute collectible toy series by the makers of Lalaloopsy. via

What is the purpose of NUM noms?

Num Noms are little scented characters that are made to look like food and smell like food! You can stack them and collect them, and they take on five forms: regular Nums, lip gloss Noms (called Gloss-Ups), stamp Noms (called Stamp-Its), eraser Noms (called Erase-Its) or motorised Noms (called Go-Gos)! via

Are nom noms discontinued?

Stamp Noms, much like the lip gloss included with Mystery Packs and Starter Packs. They are available starting with Series 2 and were discontinued in Series 4. via

How do you get a nom number? (video)

Are NUM noms edible?

Num Noms Snackables makes playing with your “food” fun! Kids will love unboxing an explosion of scented, bite-sized “snacks.” While they are deliciously cute, they are not edible, so please ensure the kids don't eat them! via

Can you eat NUM noms?

At Nom Nom, we only use ingredients approved for human consumption. Each one is gently cooked separately to ensure it maintains its optimal nutrient capacity. via

What does Num Num mean?

Filters. (childish) Tasty food. noun. via

How do you draw a number noms? (video)

What is a nom nom snackable?

Num Noms Snackables makes playing with your “food” fun! Unbox an explosion of adorable, bite-sized “snacks”! Each Num Noms Snackables Collectible Cereal bowl includes 12 cereal Num Noms, including one special edition character hidden inside the scented magic “milk” spoon, one reusable cereal bowl, and collector's menu. via

How do you use NUM noms nail polish maker? (video)

Why is nom nom so expensive?

NomNomNow costs begin at around $2.50 per day for the smallest dogs eating exclusively one Nom Nom dog food recipe. People who have larger dogs should expect to pay more as Nom Nom's pricing is based on how much food your dog needs and, naturally, larger dogs eat more. via

What does nom nom mean in slang?

Classified as “an onomatopoeic adjective,” nom is taken from the larger phrase “om nom nom,” based on Cookie Monster's happy eating sounds. It was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2004. As with Cookie Monster's wanton disregard for etiquette, “nom nom” can also symbolize sloppy or ravenous eating. via

What does nom nom mean in Hawaiian?

NOMNOM means "Yum Yum" (i.e., pleasurable eating noises). NOMNOM has given rise to the following related terms: NOMMY (tasty) via

Is Num a word?

(grammar) Abbreviation of numeral. Abbreviation of number. Number. via

Are NUM noms squishy?

Num Noms Smooshcakes are sweet, squishy and smell so delicious. You'll want to collect them all! via

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