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How do you do naval battles in war thunder? (video)

How do I get better ships in war thunder?

  • Boats are hard to sink.
  • Always be on the lookout for torpedoes.
  • Mastering bullet drop and horizontal lead is vital to winning in any firefight.
  • Get to know your boat.
  • You can always find safety in numbers.
  • Always be mindful of your throttle.
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    Does War Thunder have warships?

    Player warships were introduced into War Thunder with Update 1.83 "Masters of the Sea". via

    How do crews work in war thunder?

    Basically, crews are slots you place your vehicles into within the game. You can also gain an additional crew for each nation by participating in our referral system. Crew experience. By participating in battles, in addition to SL and XP you also receive a crew experience, which can be used to train that crew. via

    How do you aim ship guns in war thunder? (video)

    How do you aim tanks in war thunder? (video)

    What are the best planes in war thunder?

    The Best War Thunder Planes

  • B-29A-BN.
  • Spitfire Mk 24.
  • F-4C Phantom II.
  • Arado Ar 234.
  • AH-1Z.
  • Yak-3P.
  • G.56.
  • Bf 109 B-1.
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    How do you fire torpedoes in war thunder?

    If the target is moving, for instance a destroyer following a path, it is easier to hit it when the torpedo is dropped from the side. Focus your aim at the bow (front) of the ship, and release the torpedo at roughly 150m/490ft (make sure you have enough velocity to pull up immediately). This is a risky maneuver. via

    Will War Thunder add the Bismarck?

    Short answer: No. via

    Can you refund Golden Eagles in War Thunder?

    No, it's not allowed. via

    Where is HMS Dreadnought now?

    The submarine was decommissioned in 1980 and has been laid up afloat at Rosyth Dockyard ever since. It has now spent double the time tied up in Fife than it did on active service. via

    Can you repair planes in war thunder?

    Yes, as long as the pilot is alive and not moving on the ground, the plane should be able to be repaired. via

    What are the best crew skills in war thunder?

    The most important skills in my book would be:

  • For ground vehicles. Leadership (Commander) Affects ALL other crewmembers' performance positively.
  • For aircraft. G-Tolerance (Pilot) Being able to sustain a tight turn longer is crucial for many engagements.
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    How do you train a tank crew in War Thunder? (video)

    Where is the USS Wyoming?

    The USS Wyoming has been at the shipyard in Portsmouth, Virginia, since January 2018, undergoing refueling and modernization. In a first for the shipyard, Enlisted Women at Sea ship alterations are being performed onboard, modifying the layout of berthing areas. via

    Will War Thunder add battleships?

    In the War Thunder “New Power” update, we are presenting the first battleships and battlecruisers! These are giant, heavily armored ships with large-calibre guns. Read our devblogs, where we will tell you about some of the battleships from the upcoming update War Thunder: “New Power” very soon! via

    How do you beat the destroyer tutorial in War Thunder? (video)

    What is sight distance control war thunder?

    In order to use it, you have to assign a key for the "Sight distance control" function in the Tank controls menu. Rangefinder. It allows to calculate a distance to your enemy. Knowing the distance, it will be much easier for you to make an accurate shot. via

    How do you zoom in on Naval War Thunder?

  • Go to control,
  • Then go to common controls.
  • Under View Controls you will see Zoom Camera.
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    Where do you hit tanks in war thunder?

    Universal spots to hit tanks are:

  • Any kind of driver's viewport.
  • Any hatches.
  • The joint between the turret and the hull, the turret ring.
  • The side armor behind the tracks.
  • The cannon alone can take damage.
  • The ammo can usually be found stored in the turret, though low-tier tanks apparently rarely get ammoracked there.
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    Can you change FOV in War Thunder?

    ini. Normal FOV always 60. Wideview you can config by pressing Ctrl+ in game and then use numpad keys to move camera, than you done press Ctrl+ again. You need to do that for each cockpit. via

    How do you lock a turret in War Thunder?

    Drfazon95. Like in World of Tanks where you can lock the turret by holding down the right mouse button so you can look around your tank without the turret moving. via

    Will the A 10 be added to War Thunder?

    The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II (not yet added) is a single-seat, twin turbofan engine, straight wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic for the United States Air Force (USAF). via

    What is the slowest plane in War Thunder?

    The Po-2 is a very slow aircraft, earning a reputation of affection thanks to its poor characteristics. The Po-2 is about nine times as slow as the jets, and its maximum speed is one-third of a good amount of its opponents at BR 1.0. via

    How do you destroy an aircraft carrier in War Thunder?

    All you get is the challenge of destroying such a target. Cargo ships don't submit even to high-calibre machine gun fire, but they are still vulnerable to several 20mm cannons armed with AP shells. But the most effective way to destroy them is to use 50-100 kg bombs. One direct hit is usually enough. via

    Are torpedo bombers still used?

    The last known torpedo bomber attack was made by US Navy Skyraiders against the Hwacheon Dam during the Korean War. The North Korean Air Force finally retired the world's last operational torpedo bombers in the 1980s. via

    Do airplanes drop torpedoes?

    An aerial torpedo (also known as an airborne torpedo or air-dropped torpedo) is a torpedo launched from a fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter from the air which subsequently drops into the water, after which the weapon propels itself to the target. via

    Is the Bismarck in World of Warships?

    Bismarck was the first full-size battleship built for Germany after World War I. The Bismarck is now in World of Warships: Legends as the Tier VII German Battleship! via

    What battleships are in war thunder?

    Pages in category "Battleships"

  • IJN Hyuga.
  • IJN Settsu.
  • Imperatritsa Mariya.
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