I Can Dream About You


Who is the girl in the Dan Hartman video I Can Dream About You?

In the second video, filmed at the Hard Rock in London, Hartman appears as a bartender trying to charm a young woman (played by Joyce Hyser), singing to her as the Sorels' performance plays on a TV set hanging above the bar. via

What happened to Dan Hartman?

Dan Hartman, a record producer, singer and songwriter, died on March 22 at his home in Westport, Conn. He was 43. The cause was a brain tumor, said his manager, Julian Able. via

Who were the Sorels?

Lineup: Bird (Stoney Jackson), B. J. (Mykel T. Williamson), Reggie (Grand L. Bush), and Lester (Robert Townsend [who was also in The Five Heartbeats). via

Who wrote I Can Dream About You song?

I Can Dream About You via

Did Hall and Oates cover I Can Dream About You?

At the time Hall & Oates had to pass on the offer because their new album was about to be released. Three decades later, however, they released an album of covers called Our Kind of Soul, in 2004, on which they finally recorded their own version of the song. via

Who sang If I Can Dream About You?

I Can Dream About You via

Did Dan Hartman pass away?

Dan Hartman via

Who did the singing in Streets of Fire?

Jimmy Iovine produced five of the songs for the film and the soundtrack album. For Ellen's singing voice, he combined the voices of Laurie Sargent and Holly Sherwood, billing them as 'Fire Incorporated'. via

Who sang nowhere fast?

Nowhere Fast via

What killed Dan Hartman?

Dan Hartman via

Who sang instant replay?

Instant Replay via

Who played guitar on free ride?

Rick Derringer's lead guitar is up the middle with less reverb (Ronnie Montrose played on the album version). You can hear some of the noise that we'd normally mute today on the second time through. 4. The guitar solo is double an octave up. via

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