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How do you report bedrock on Mineplex?

When it comes to reporting anyone, you are always able to submit a report at! Just fill out all the requested information and a member of the reports team will review your report and handle it accordingly! via

How do you report hackers on Mineplex?

Marzie. If you have evidence to report any players, you should put it in a report at via

How do you check reports on Mineplex?

If you want to see all your active reports, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page (, click Applications Hub and select Reports, you should then see a list of active reports if you have any open! via

How do you report someone on Cubecraft?

If you have a rank higher then iron on Java, you can report hackers with the command /report. You can report Java rulebreakers with evidence here. On Bedrock you can report rulebreakers with evidence here. via

How do I report someone on bedrock?

If they are not caught then you can msg an online staff member on Bedrock or report the player here: Make sure you note that it's Bedrock and not Java though! If you have any questions or concerns regarding this comment, feel free to PM me and I will try to get back to you ASAP. via

What is Mineplex bedrock edition?

Mineplex Bedrock Edition, unofficially abbreviated as MPPE, is a version of Mineplex that was released in 2016. It's designed to work on Minecraft Bedrock Edition. via

How do you report someone on Cake Wars?

As @xGetRekted has stated, you can report the player at Make sure to check out the Reporting Guide, found at Remember that video evidence is required when reporting a hacker. via

How do you appeal on Mineplex?

You can make an appeal at and fill it out with sufficient information. Be aware that making an appeal doesn't give you a guaranteed unban. After you send one a Forum Ninja should apply soon either accepting or denying your appeal. via

How do you ban someone on Mineplex?

  • Sexual Content.
  • Racism.
  • Terrorism (Osama Bin Laden)
  • Etc.
  • via

    What is the Mineplex server IP?

    It is accessible via the server IP addresses (United States), (US and EU Based), (Actually US mineplex, but with a different IP) or (Clans Europe/US Hub) or (Pocket Edition). via

    Can you advertise on Mineplex?

    You may however advertise your Mineplex-related Video Content/Platforms (Youtube, Twitch) on our website. You may also private message your friends to tell them server IPs if it is mutually agreed upon. Unsolicited server IP advertisement messages can be reported. via

    Can you get banned on CubeCraft?

    As long as more than half of the video's footage is recorded on CubeCraft, it will be allowed. If we receive a report from an account sending unsolicited invites in DMs, we will issue a ban because that means you are using our Discord server as a Minecraft players database. via

    How do you report Cross teaming in CubeCraft?

    Cross-teaming in Solo or Team gamemodes is a punishable offence. I'm glad you recorded them because you can report them now. Report them here > and make sure that the video is under 5 minutes of duration. via

    How do you report someone on the hive bedrock?

    In Minecraft (Bedrock) Open the hive and do “/discord” You will receive a code. Then go to the Hive's discord and message that code to the bot name “The Hive” And it shall be done, your then able to report the player. via

    Can you report someone on Minecraft?

    Because everyone you'll meet online in Minecraft will have their own gamertag too, you can add new friends, or mute, report or block someone, right from the pause menu in-game. Report: Reporting someone sends a message to Minecraft and Xbox Live Enforcement with information about the issue. via

    How do you report a bad guy in Minecraft?

    The Empire Minecraft Report system is an amazing tool for both Staff and Players alike. While it is simple to use - /report [PlayerName] [Reason] - in order to be fully effective it must be used properly. via

    Can bedrock play with Java?

    The Bedrock Edition allows for cross-platform multiplayer on consoles, mobile devices, and Windows 10. The Java Edition is only for PC, and it will only allow you to play with other Java players, which is a lot more limiting. via

    Is Mineplex a bedrock?

    On Bedrock, Mineplex is on the server page without even needing to be typed in. Players can just tap on one button and click Mineplex to be taken directly to Bedrock without ever needing to type in "" as they do with Java (just swapping pe with us). On Bedrock, there's a built-in store. via

    Can Mineplex bedrock play with Java?

    As zlxr (Suspici0us) said, Java and Bedrock are two different platforms that unfortunately are incompatible with each other. Mineplex Bedrock and Mineplex Java have different games, ranks, etc. Not a bad idea, but not possible. via

    What does punishment appeal mean?

    If you are banned in a banwave, it simply means that you are being punished for actions previously committed on the server. You may appeal this ban at if you believe it to be unfair. via

    What is Gwen cheat detection?

    G.W.E.N (2016)

    On the 08/18/16 Mineplex officially released the new and updated anti-cheat, which they named G.W.E.N. This anti-cheat had better protection, and now could detect a lot more hacks, and would instantly take action against obvious hackers. via

    How do you appeal a ban on Hypixel?

    Dedicated Member

    If you believe your punishment was unjustified, you should appeal it at via

    Why did I get banned on Mineplex?

    The reasons for being banned are breaking the rules found at Bedrock edition does have a ban message so if you are banned you can appeal at If you have any more bedrock related questions, feel free to ask me or another Bedrock Staff member. via

    Can you get banned from a bedrock server?

    We want players to have fun and be safe when playing Minecraft online with others, and as such, we have implemented moderation features such as permanent bans for the most egregious violations of our Community Standards on Bedrock versions of Minecraft. via

    How do you know if you got banned from Mineplex?

    you should know your banned as when you join the server, the screen should go dark and a message should appear saying 'You have been banned for [reasoning] for [time]'. via

    Is Mineplex Dead 2020?

    Mineplex is not dead. I won't deny player counts have fallen, but it is far from “dead”. In fact, due to recent events, Mineplex has received an influx of players. We're developing games, we just released a new rank, we're hosting events, and we have over 3k players most often. via

    Is Mineplex a Java?

    You can only connect to the Mineplex Java Edition Server with a Java Edition account, which can be purchased on the Minecraft website. via

    Is Mineplex a cracked server?

    Unfortunately, you cannot join Mineplex using a cracked account as Mineplex is a 'premium server' (i.e server that is not considered a cracked server) that requires a legitimate Minecraft account purchased through TLDR: You unfortunately cannot join Mineplex using a cracked account. via

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