How To Make Black Ops 2 Emblems


How do you make emblems on bo2? (video)

How do you steal emblems on Black Ops 2?

First thing you wanna do is hover over barracks, then press Triangle then press X on the friend who has the emblem you want, press Player Channel, Then really quickly press the following combination: UP,UP,CIRCLE,CIRCLE,CIRLCE,X,X,CIRCLE,X! via

How do you download emblems on bo2? (video)

How do you make a Spongebob emblem on bo2? (video)

How do you steal emblems on bo3? (video)

How do you steal emblems on bo2 Xbox 360? (video)

How do you copy emblems on Black Ops 2 ps3? (video)

How do you steal emblems on bo2 PC?

PC Tutorial: Hover over barracks, Open friends list by hitting F, find someone who you want to copy an emblem from, select their name, hover over player channel. Now as fast as possible, hit ENTER,Up,Up,ESC,ESC,ESC,ENTER,ENTER,ESC,ENTER. This will make the other person's emblems show up. via

How do you copy an emblem? (video)

How do you share emblems on black ops 3? (video)

How do you create an emblem on Black Ops 3?

  • Highlight the Paintjob in the Paintshop, or the Emblem in the Emblem Editor.
  • Press the Menu button to open Options.
  • Select Publish to name and push your creation to your Showcase.
  • via

    Can you download Black Ops 3 emblems?

    Black Ops 3 introduces the ability to share, rate and download custom paint jobs with other players. One of the most anticipated features of the Black Ops 3 multiplayer experience has to be the ability to view, rate and even download the emblems, variant camo and paint jobs from other players. via

    How do you customize your emblem on Black Ops 4? (video)

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