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How do you unlock the Rise of Iron?

You need to be level 40 to begin the Rise of Iron campaign, which you'll have to at least start to access most of the expansion's content. Just look for the quest marker in the Navigator - the mission you want is at Felwinter Peak on Earth, and is called King of the Mountain. via

How do you increase iron levels?

  • Step 1: Purchase Destiny.
  • Step 2: Update Destiny.
  • Step 3: Boot Up Destiny.
  • Step 4: Create Your Character.
  • Step 5: Visit The Tower.
  • Step 6: Select Earth.
  • Step 7: Start King of the Mountain.
  • Step 8: Unlock the Rise of Iron Record Book.
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    Does Rise of Iron come with Taken King?

    Rise of Iron is not The Taken King. It doesn't revamp much of anything. Instead, it just adds more. New missions, new guns, new group content, new maps … and that's it. via

    How can I get iron rise without a bundle?

    Go on the game and click the Rise of Iron logo to the right of Earth. It will ask if you want to purchase, you say yes. Boom, $30 dlc and preorder bonuses. via

    What light do you have to be to start Rise of iron?

    Here are the targets you'll need to hit in Rise of Iron: For the basic strike playlist, you need a Light level of 320. You should be well above this by the time you finish the Rise of Iron campaign. You need a Light level of 350 for the heroic strike playlist and the daily heroic story mission. via

    Is Felwinter dead?

    Felwinter was one of the nine Iron Lords who made it to the SIVA replication chamber and tried to stop the spread to adverse effects. He was killed when Jolder sealed the chamber with all the Iron Lords in it, bar Saladin, and blew it up. via

    Will there be a Destiny 3?

    Bungie has made it plainly clear that it's not planning to release Destiny 3 before 2025. The developer has a new HQ with teams working on the Destiny universe and another IP or two. If Destiny 3 is coming, it's not going to be for at least four years. via

    Who made Rise of Iron?

    Destiny: Rise of Iron via

    Why can't ti buy iron?

    The studio couldn't justify the additional investment for owners of previous-gen consoles. Clearly, both PS3 and Xbox 360 cannot handle running the existing Destiny experience and the new expansion at the same time, which is why Bungie decided to not bring Rise of Iron for older consoles. via

    Is Felwinter rasputins son?

    If you want to know the next steps, here's what happened. Rasputin starts talking and Ana Bray narrates the story of “The Tyrant and his son,” where we learn that Felwinter, an Iron Lord, was actually the “son” of Rasputin who was sent to infiltrate humanity as an exo. via

    Is Lord Shaxx a Titan?

    Lord Shaxx is the Titan manager of the Crucible and a vendor for Crucible-related items. He is found in the Tower near the Vanguard. However, in Destiny 2 he is located in the Courtyard, behind the vaults. He is assisted in his duties by Arcite 99-40, the Crucible Quartermaster. via

    Is Destiny 2 a dead game?

    But any claims that Destiny is “dead” typically came from people who wanted to see the game fail, not necessarily anyone who had kept up with the goings-on within Bungie's game. However, Bungie confirmed that Destiny 2 is here to stay and its studio footprint is only going to get larger. via

    Will Cayde 6 come back to life?

    The good news is that we get to hear Nathan Fillion as Cayde-6 once more in Destiny 2 for this year's Guardian Games. It's a motivational video to get Hunters pumped to take home the gold and he's not actually back in-game. via

    Will there be a Cayde 7?

    There will be no Cayde-7, even if Cayde is somehow brought back. > Destiny 2 - Lore | Forums | via

    Is Siva a virus?

    SIVA is a form of self-replicating nanotechnology developed by Clovis Bray during the Golden Age. Originally designed to assist in the construction of extrasolar colonies, it was used by the Warmind Rasputin as a weapon against the Iron Lords, and later by the Splicers of the Fallen House of Devils. via

    Does destiny have Crossplay?

    Destiny 2 crossplay works through the Bungie Name system, which will be your identity across all platforms you play on. This name is automatically given to you when you first log in during Season of the Lost, and is a backend identifier if friends want to add you on a different system. via

    What did Felwinter lie about?

    Felwinter's Lie was that the Exo was part Guardian, part Warmind. Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One. via

    How do I get Felwinter's lie?

  • Talk to Ana Bray on Mars to pick up The Lie quest.
  • Accept the already complete Warmind Evaluation community step.
  • Visit Earth for the Vostok Visited quest and scan three objects.
  • Complete 1000 Shotgun kills.
  • Visit Rasputin on the Moon and visit the quest area.
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    Who was Rasputin's son?

    Grigori Rasputin via

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