How To Get Money On Avakin Life


How do you get money fast on Avakin Life?

  • Work at the 23 street cafe (max 500 coins / day)
  • Top Up (purchase avacoins by using your real money)
  • Complete TapJoy / regular missions (100-1500 coins / missions) the more difficult of mission the more coins you get.
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    How do you get coins on Avakin Life?

    It's fast and simple! Alternatively, you can buy Avacoins directly from Avakin: > Tap on your Avacoin balance on the dashboard, > Or on the Avacoin button in the Shop. via

    How do you level up fast in Avakin Life?

  • Socialize - 10 - 15 xp.
  • Job and Ordering - 10 - 15 xp.
  • Buy an apartment - 300xp.
  • Buying "Gem" Stuff - 20xp.
  • Feed your pets - 50xp.
  • Collecting Gems - 20xp.
  • Rating apartments - 15xp.
  • Gifting - 75xp for gifting avacoin items and 5xp for giving gem items.
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    How do you get diamonds in Avakin Life? (video)

    Can you sell a house in Avakin Life?

    You cannot sell/trade or otherwise transfer ownership of an account. via

    How do you drive a car in Avakin Life? (video)

    How can I get free Avacoins?

    Avacoins can be earned by taking part in the Cafe or Bar job, completing tasks on the TapJoy Offer Wall or Fyber in the Free Coins menu. Avacoins can be won from the Mystery Box, and Avakin Life social media competitions. via

    How do I buy an Avacoin?

    You can buy Avacoins by: > Tapping on your Avacoin balance on the dashboard, > Or on the Avacoin button in the Shop. via

    What can you buy with gems on Avakin Life?

    1000Gems are an in-game currency that can be used to purchase furniture or clothing, or to buy drinks at the 23rd Street Cafe. Gems can be acquired by collecting them daily from apartments that you own, by completing Tapjoy offers, or by opening a Mystery Box. via

    What is the highest level in Avakin Life 2020?

    The level cap in Avakin Life has increased from 20 to 30 so you now have more ways to earn Avacoins and show your status. via

    What gives the most XP in Avakin Life?

    Chatting with other players and being active in different social spots will definitely help with XP. The longer you stay in a room and interact the more 10 – 15 XP boosts you can receive. via

    Can I play Avakin Life on laptop?

    Avakin Life is a Role Playing game developed by Lockwood Publishing Ltd. BlueStacks app player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience. Now available on iOS and Android. via

    What do diamonds do in Avakin life?

    You can spend your Gems on food and drinks at any of Avakin's social spots from the Jobs tab. It is also possible to buy some exclusive items from the Shop with gems. via

    How do you get a job on Avakin Life? (video)

    When was Avakin Life created?

    Launched in 2013 on Google Play, the game got traction with players who wanted to express themselves in a safe virtual world. The game also debuted on iOS, and it grew exponentially. This year, Avakin Life hit 200 million registered users. via

    Where is the ATM in Avakin Life?

    What are awabaks? Awabax is the currency you can earn by working at Avakin Life. Awabaks can be exchanged for Avacoins at an ATM in Cafe on 23rd Street or at Sandown Club. via

    Is Avakin life down right now?

    The Avakin Life servers are currently down while we make essential upgrades. For the time being please check out our forums at Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience. via

    How do you rate an apartment in Avakin life? (video)

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