How To Get Geared In Legion


What do you get for completing Legion?

Unlocked by reaching level 110, and being at least 'friendly' with all of the Broken Isles factions, you'll be treated to your map populating with exclamation points begging to be completed. You can get your hands on gold, gear, artifact power, order hall resources, crafting materials and pet battle items. via

What to do when you hit 110 legion? (video)

What is the fastest way to get gear in BFA?

  • Nazjatar and Benthic Armor. Your best bet for gear up quickly is to go straight to Nazjatar.
  • Upgrade your Heart of Azeroth.
  • Start with Benthic gear, then do world quests.
  • Making and buying gear.
  • Warfronts.
  • Dungeons and raids.
  • Timewalking dungeons.
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    How do you get gear in Shadowland?

    For item level 200 gear, complete all Shadowlands dungeons at Mythic level five or higher. For item level 207 gear, complete Mythic dungeons at level 10 or higher. And for item level 213 and higher, complete Mythic dungeons at level 15 or higher. via

    How do I activate Legion?

    Choice: Activate Legion

    You'll find Legion in the AI Core room, which is found just past Dr. Chakwas in the Medical Bay. When you go in there, you'll find it, at the back, laying down, and inactive. Head over to it, and tell the guard you're activating it, and EDI will isolate the ships systems from it just in case. via

    How do I get friendly with Legion?

  • Story quests grant reputation.
  • World quests in each zone give reputation.
  • An additional way to gain reputation is to complete 4 World quests for a featured faction.
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    How high can benthic gear go?

    Further upgrades on Benthic gear will increase its item level by 5 (or 15 item levels for Azerite items) up to a maximum of item level 425 (430 for Azerite). via

    How do you gear up a fresh 120? (video)

    What to do when you hit 120 WoW? (video)

    What Ilvl should I be for mythic 0 Shadowlands?

    Mythic 0 – 184 ilvl. via

    Can I get gear from Torghast?

    The fifth and final Torghast floor (excluding Twisting Corridors) will always end with a boss, which is why we call it a boss room. You will be able to buy items from friendly brokers again for Phantasma before engaging the boss. The bosses drop loot, Soul Ash, Soul Cinders and Legendary Powers recipes. via

    What Ilvl should I be for mythic+?

    As a general rule, though, for doing Mythic +1, you should be around item level 184. That is the level of loot you'll get from regular Mythic dungeons. via

    What happens if Legion isn't loyal?

    You are right, you can keep Legion alive without him being Loyal, as @Fred_vdp explained perfectly. You also will not lose other Party members if the rest is Loyal. via

    What happens if you don't activate Legion?

    If Legion did not survive Shepard's attack on the Collector base, was sold to Cerberus, or was never activated, a Geth VI is constructed in Legion's likeness. Regardless of whether the heretics were rewritten or destroyed, the quarians decide to attack the geth. via

    Is it better to rewrite or destroy the heretics?

    Rewriting the heretics will give you more paragon points whereas destroying them will give you more renegade points. Regardless of the choice made, you'll have to make a desperate escape from the station on a timer. via

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