How To Get Free Chests On Clash Royale


How do you get a legendary chest in clash Royale?

Save up your gems until you have 500 and play every day. Usually twice a month, there will be a legendary chest in the shop for 500 gems. Buy this for a guaranteed legendary. You can also open your chests often and wait for a super magical or legendary to appear in your chest cycle. via

What is the fastest way to get chests in clash Royale?

  • During the day, open Silver chests. No exceptions.
  • Once it's too late to start opening Silver chests, start opening a Golden chest.
  • If you get a Tier 3 chest (Magic or Giant), follow rule 2.
  • If you get a SMC, then - oh wait, I've never gotten one.
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    How do you get free Legendaries in clash Royale? (video)

    Did clash Royale remove free chests?

    Certain Chests were available through the paid side of Pass Royale. They were removed upon the addition of Magic Items, as Wild Cards replicated their function. Free Chests were formerly obtained every 4 hours, and later as free gifts from the Shop. via

    What is the best legendary in clash Royale?

    Best Clash Royale Legendary Cards Ranking:

  • Mega Knight.
  • Sparky.
  • Inferno Dragon.
  • Lumberjack.
  • Princess.
  • Ram Rider.
  • Fisherman.
  • Royal Ghost.
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    What chest can you get Legendaries from?

    When you reach the Royal Arena, which is, 2000 trophies, you will be able to get legendary chests in your chest cycle. Additionally, King's chests will be replaced by Legendary King's chests as well. These chests give you a guaranteed legendary card. via

    What does the chest speed up Boost do?

    The Chest speed up boost will Reduce you chest open times , by half to be precise, which will result in massive gains. The boost lasts for 7 days, like its counterparts, but what is so likeable about this one is that it will save you time, the most precious resource. via

    How do you get quest points in clash Royale? (video)

    How do you get a free legendary pet in Adopt Me? (video)

    How do you counter Mega Knight? (video)

    What is the best card in clash Royale?

  • Skelton Army. This card is an essential to any player's deck.
  • Zap. The zap could easily be argued as the best card in the entire game.
  • Goblin Barrel. The goblin barrel is the quickest counter attack card in the game.
  • Hog Rider.
  • Canon Cart.
  • Baby Dragon.
  • Valkyrie.
  • Bandit.
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    Did they take quests out of clash Royale?

    QUESTS are being removed in the next update and the rewards added to Clan Wars 2 instead. But what happens to your current Quest rewards when the update launches? So that no one misses out, we'll be giving ALL Arena 5+ players a Legendary King's Chest. Nice. via

    Can you get a legendary from a silver chest?

    Each chest has its own Legendary Factor. The lower the Legendary Factor, the higher the chance of obtaining a Legendary card from a chest. Silver Chests and Giant Chests have the worst Legendary Factors, while Magical and Super Magical Chests have the best. via

    Can you get a legendary from an epic chest?

    Epic Chests cannot contain Common, Rare, or Legendary cards, and Legendary Chests will always contain a single Legendary card. Since there are no Legendary cards available before the player reaches the P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse arena, chests from arenas below that will have a 0% chance of containing a Legendary card. via

    Is Mega Knight overpowered?

    This card is incredibly overpowered, especially in challenges. At level 9, many cards have their attack power reduced significantly for challenges, but the mega knight prevails no matter what level he is. via

    What does Pekka stand for?

    P.E.K.K.A stands for Perfectly Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins is the last troop in the standard Barracks which will be unlocked when you hit Town Hall 8. PEKKA is a girl who has the strongest and most expensive armor of any of the Elixir-based troops. via

    Why is clash Royale dead?

    Why Isn't Clash Royale Dead? Clash Royale hasn't died yet because of the steady updates released by Supercell in an attempt of keeping the game fresh. Although these updates fail to regain the popularity seen between 2016 to 2018, these updates have been satisfactory enough for the existing player base. via

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