How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 Episode 8


Why did they kill Lila Stangard?

Lila was the girlfriend of Griffin O'Reilly and the friend of Rebecca Sutter. She was having an affair with Sam Keating and was killed at his command. via

Who killed Lila Stangard?

It was only a local news story when the series began, but it turned out this murder would change Annalise's life. After all, Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) strangled Lila on Sam's order to cover up their affair that resulted in Lila's pregnancy with their baby. via

Did Annalise kill Nate's wife?

Annalise eventually gets involved in the accidental murder of her husband Sam Keating, co-caused by four of her students. via

Do they get caught for killing Sam?

No, they never get caught. Yes, justice is however served to each one of them, including Annalise, Bonnie, and Frank. However, it may not have been so in the most traditional way or form. via

Why did Rebecca kill Sam?

Sam had an affair with Lila Stangard, and then had her killed by Frank Delfino after she got pregnant so it wouldn't come to light. Rebecca Sutter's search for proof Sam committed the murder led to his death at the hands of her boyfriend, Wes Gibbins. via

Who killed Asher?

Asher: Prior to the finale, Asher is killed by the FBI after being outed as a mole against Annalise and the remaining Keating 5. via

Does Frank go to jail?

Sam nods and tells him that he deserves to get out and that he is there to help Frank see that he deserves to get out. Annalise then gets talked into taking Franks case and goes to see him. Frank asks her if she is pregnant and she agrees. Annalise then later wins Franks parole case and Frank is released from prison. via

Does Laurel have a baby?

Laurel revealed to Annalise in the episode "It's for the Greater Good" that the baby is a boy. In the episode "Live. Live. Live.", Laurel gives birth to him prematurely, and he is ultimately saved by Annalise while the paramedics arrive. via

Did Sam know Lila was pregnant?

Sam, in addition to having to worry about Rebecca, has to worry about Bonnie and what she knows. Bonnie confronts him outside the house and tells him that she met Lila the night that she died. And, from that conversation, deduces that Sam did know that Lila was pregnant. via

Did Ron Miller killed Nate's dad?

Later on, Nate convinces Miller to use his contact at the Governors office to get his father transferred to a mental health facility, which Miller does. Annalise makes a deal with Governor Birkhead and Nate senior is pardoned. As he is being released from prison, he is killed by guards under mysterious circumstances. via

Did Annalise give Nia pills?

Nia was aware of Annalise and Nate's relationship, but she permitted it because she knew she would die soon. Nia also asked Annalise to have Frank get sleeping pills for her so she could commit suicide, but Annalise ultimately refused. via

Who Bonnie's son?

Only Shonda Rhimes knows how to pull off that sort of thing. Bonnie's past is getting more and more twisted, and now there is another, new character named Jake on How To Get Away With Murder, and he might be her son. via

Who is Sam Keating's son?

In season six, it is revealed that Frank Delfino is the son of Sam Keating and his sister Hannah. Because Frank is the catalyst behind the car crash that killed Sam in utero, Frank is indirectly responsible for his baby brother's death. via

How does Nate get out of jail?

Despite being married to a man suspected of murder, Annalise never once considered leaving her husband, Sam, for Nate. When he goes to jail, he's brutally attacked in prison — hello, he's a cop — but it's all good because Annalise puts Eve Rothlo on the case. Eventually, Nate gets out and forgives Annalise. via

Why did Frank owe Sam a favor?

Frank could have a criminal record that would keep him from practicing law, or maybe he cheated on his entrance exams to law school and Sam knew about it. Most likely, though, is that Frank needed to hide something from Annalise and Sam helped him with a secret. via

Did Bonnie really kill Sam?

Bonnie was romantically linked with Asher Millstone, one of Annalise Keating's interns. They had sex for the first time the night Sam was killed, then again after Bonnie won her first case in court. via

Who actually killed Sam Keating?

He was killed by Dominick Flores (Nicholas Gonzalez) before Annalise's house burnt to the ground. Laurel Castillo's (Karla Souza) parents ordered the hit on Wes to cover up their illegal business. However, in season 6, we found out that Wes might not be dead, which would make sense since the morgue lost his body. via

Who killed Annalise Htgawm?

After Annalise was acquitted on all counts and gave an impromptu press conference on the courthouse steps, Frank (Charlie Weber) is seen heading towards her with a gun. He kills Governor Birkhead (Laura Innes) to protect Annalise but is killed himself in the resulting chaos. via

What did Asher do to Tiffany?

In season 2 of How to Get Away with Murder, it is revealed that Asher allowed his father to cover up an incident that happened at his house while he was filming a music video with some friends. A woman at the party named Tiffany was gang-raped. via

Why did Annalise pick Asher?

Coming to Asher, the rich spoilt brat and an average student, he seems to have been selected because of his father. Annalise had long waited to win the David Allen case, on which Asher's father had presided as the ruling judge and colluded with the powers that be to send an innocent man to the gallows. via

Who killed Asher Millstone spoiler?

Update: In Episode 11, titled "The Reckoning," flashbacks reveal that Asher was murdered by his FBI handler, Agent Pollock. She came to his apartment under the pretense of relocating him after his friends discovered he was the mole, but she killed him with the fire poker instead. via

What was frank in jail for?

In flashbacks, even more of Frank's past was revealed. Turns out, Frank was in jail from the time he was thirteen until his early twenties because he attempted to kill his own father. None other than Sam Keating (Tom Verica) and Annalise came to his rescue and got him out of jail. via

How old is Fiona?

In Shameless season 1, Fiona is 21 years old, Lip is 16, Ian is 15, Debbie is 11, Carl is 9, and Liam is around 18 months old. Debbie's daughter Franny, who was born when Debbie was 15, celebrates her fifth birthday in Shameless season 11, at which point Liam is about 11 years old. via

Did Frank sleep with Bonnie?

Frank has a nightmare and Bonnie wakes him up. He says that he was dreaming about when he hurt his father. The two get into bed together and Frank asks her to run away with him. Frank moves in for a kiss and the two ends up having sex. via

Do Frank and Laurel marry?

Do Laurel and Frank get married on How To Get Away With Murder? After all, Frank proposed to Lauren in the Season 5 premiere, and the future is, as always, full of clues. So not only are they not engaged, their casual arrangement is broken as well after the Season 5 premiere. via

Will Laurel get her baby back?

SPEAKING OF BABIES, DOES LAUREL EVER GET HERS BACK? | She does, but not without some more Castillo family drama. In a rare turn of events, Jorge actually does the right thing and signs the paper, allowing Laurel to get her baby back. via

What happened to Laurel Castillo's baby?

One of the most powerful episodes in season 4 was when Laurel gave birth to her baby prematurely inside an elevator and both baby and mom nearly died. The fun fact is that while Laurel was pregnant with Wes' child on the show, the actress herself was also pregnant in reality underneath the prosthetics. via

Who did Rebecca text eggs 911 to?

Levi Wescott is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He claims to be Rebecca's foster brother. He is the person Rebecca sent the "eggs 911" text to the night she was killed. via

Why did Rudy say wet?

A couple of months later, he was visited by Wes Gibbins and Laurel Castillo. They get led to Rudy's room where Wes gets out his phone and shows him a picture of Rebecca, Rudy utters the word "wet." Wes connects this to the fact that Lila was found in a water tank and is more suspicious of Rebecca. via

Did Miller actually call the warden?

All of Nate's evidence that Miller had something to do with Nate Sr.'s death hinged on a phone call that Nate made to the warden before Nate Sr. was released from jail. Miller thanked the warden for his help, because Nate Sr. via

Does Bonnie find out Miller was innocent?

Meanwhile, poor, poor Bonnie learns about Miller's innocence from a news report while she's in her hospital bed. As you might expect, she's completely crushed to discover the truth, and she asks security to take Frank away when he visits her room and insists he was protecting her by lying to her. via

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