How To Defeat Sin


How much HP does sin have?

Sin will now have only about 60,000 HP left. When he gets close enough, use Auron's Armor and Mental Breaks on him and Tidus use Quick Hit. Attack as normal afterwards. Defeat Sin before it uses it's Giga-Graviton Overdrive attack, otherwise it's a instant game over. via

How do you beat overdrive sin FFX?

You can also weaken Overdrive Sin to physical attacks by having Auron attack it with Armor Break. Another way to easily burst down Sin Overdrive is to have Lulu doublecast Ultima or Flare. To make the fight even more trivial, you can mix Wings of Discovery to create Trio of 9999 and use it against the boss. via

How do you beat Sin Giga-graviton?

In the meantime, Haste your strongest physical character (mostly Auron) and use some Cheers with him in the party. When Sin is near, use Armour Break and fire away with your two mages and your physical attacker. This way; you'll defeat him far before Giga-Graviton. via

How do I get Anima?

In order to get Anima, you first need to collect all six treasures hidden within the Cloister of Trials at each temple. To do this, you need to use the Destruction Spheres found in each Cloister of Trials to find the hidden treasure chest. Obtaining Anima will earn you the "Feel the Pain" achievement/trophy. via

How do you beat Sin final battle?

Melee Range Strategy

When Sin is in Melee range, use Auron's Armor Break and Tidus's Hastega and keep damaging him. Use overdrives when available for more damage. Use Al Bhed Potion when Sin's Aoe attacks damages the team too much or if it causes status ailments like petrify. via

How do you beat Seymour inside sin?

Seymour Omnis has high Defense and Magic Defense, so using Armor Break and Mental Break will make the battle easier. Holy and doublecasting elemental spells that target Seymour's weakness are also effective, although the latter will only work if the player doesn't attack the Mortiphasms. via

Why does sin have a city on its head?

Yoshinori Kitase created [Sin] to represent the kinds of calamitous disasters that exist in the real world, such as earthquakes and typhoons. [...] Having ruins become a part of Sin's physical form helped to visually cement the idea it is an "unimaginably ancient monster on an unprecedented scale". via

How does Yojimbo use Zanmato?

When used by the regular Yojimbo, it will inflict 9,999 damage to the entire party, which can be avoided by sacrificing an aeon or by having Auto-Life on the party, or simply having 10,000 or more HP. When used by Dark Yojimbo, Zanmato will inflict 99,999 damage to the party as well as remove Auto-Life. via

How do you beat Sinspawn GUI?

Attacking the boss

Remember to attack the head when it begins “moving suspiciously,” as it will use Venom on its next turn if left unharmed. When the head is dead, focus on attacking its armored arms by having Auron or Kimahri unload on them. This allows you to deal more damage to its body. via

How did jecht become sin?

Jecht, originally a citizen of dream Zanarkand who had accidentally ended up in Spira, became Braska's Final Aeon. Before this, he tasked Auron with finding a way to the dream Zanarkand and taking care of his son, Tidus. The Final Summoning killed Braska and Jecht became the new Sin. via

Where did Yu yevon come from?

Yu Yevon was the leader of ancient Zanarkand in Final Fantasy X. He is Lady Yunalesca's father and the creator of Sin. A mysterious entity, the only information given about Yu Yevon comes from Bahamut's fayth, Yunalesca, Maechen, and Grand Maester Mika. via

What is Ultima FFX?

Lulu, Final Fantasy X. Ultima in Final Fantasy Type-0 (PC). Ultima (アルテマ, Arutema?) is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. It is almost always the most powerful spell, hitting all enemies for non-elemental damage, often ignoring defense, Reflect and any other protection. via

Is Anima Seymour's mother?

Like all aeons, Anima is the physical manifestation of a dream of a specific fayth—in this case, Seymour's mother, whose real name remains unidentified. She may or may not be named Anima herself; Yojimbo's name is the same as his fayth, but Jecht's aeon form is named after the summoner who called him to defeat Sin. via

Where do you get Anima wow?

You can obtain Anima tokens from various sources in Shadowlands, such as: Rares and Chests: Killing rares and looting chests in the four main zones in Shadowlands grants between 1 to 3 Uncommon Anima tokens. This can be repeated daily. via

How do you beat Seymour the first time?

Have Rikku steal from the guado guardians 1 time and switch her out for auron. Then nail the guardians. Now have tidus cast haste on everyone and have auron use magic break on seymour. now nail seymour until he summons anima. via

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