How To Become Popular In High School


What makes you popular in high school?

“People who are popular at school are overt, generous, open-minded and have large amounts of free time. If you have a lot of time for parties, you will be more popular.” via

How do you become popular at a new high school?

  • Remember to be confident. When you're at the center of attention, it's important that you be cool and collected.
  • Talk to everyone. Make the rounds and repay the attention you're getting.
  • Make sure everyone else is having fun. Fun should be your main priority.
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    How can I make myself popular in school?

  • Be genuinely kind to others.
  • Never forget your old friends just to be popular.
  • Ask others to hang out so that you can get to know them better.
  • Be yourself!
  • Stand up for the bullied ones and pull them up with you as you climb through the rankings.
  • Give good advice to people who need it.
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    How can I be a cool girl?

  • Don't wear makeup that looks like you are actually wearing makeup.
  • Never get too emotional about anything.
  • Watch all sports.
  • Drink whiskey on the rocks.
  • Be able to quote.
  • Play sports...naked.
  • Wrestle with his giant dog.
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    How do you act cool in school?

  • Don't fidget. When talking to people, stay cool, calm, and collected.
  • Be a bit aloof. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't speak to people, be interested when someone speaks, or smile.
  • Don't try too hard to be liked, to be accepted, or to be known. Don't care so much about those things.
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    How do you get people to like you?

  • Ask questions. I've noticed people who ask questions are often well-liked.
  • Talk more, not less.
  • Give your time…gratis.
  • Listen better.
  • Really and truly care.
  • Admit it, you don't know everything.
  • Go for the laugh, every time.
  • Lighten up.
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    How do you become popular on TikTok?

  • Consistently Post High-Quality Content.
  • Find Your Niche.
  • Think Outside the Box.
  • Identify Trends and Join In on Them.
  • Embrace Who You Are.
  • Accept That Your Content Won't Be What Everyone Likes.
  • Network With Other TikTokers.
  • Collaborate With Brands.
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    How can I be smart in school?

  • Pay attention in class.
  • Take good notes.
  • Plan ahead for tests and projects.
  • Break it down. (If you have a bunch of stuff to learn, break it into smaller chunks.)
  • Ask for help if you get stuck.
  • Get a good night's sleep!
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    How do I look baddie at school?

    Dressing like a baddie at school depends on your dress code. For casual outfits, opt for an oversized T-shirt and sweatpants, with chunky sneakers and a bucket hat. If you have a uniform, you can swap out your jumper for an oversized sweater and try a pair of chunky white sneakers to give off the baddie aesthetic. via

    How do you get noticed at school?

    Try to become friends with a range of different people. Your friends might mention you to other people and then you will become noticed. However don't be friends with someone who isn't nice to you or is a bully, be friends with people who are kind and respect you. Spend time with your friends. via

    How can I become popular fast?

  • Help while maintaining a high social value.
  • Be the glue in your social circle.
  • Be genuinely nice (but don't be a pushover)
  • Be easygoing.
  • Learn how to be a good listener.
  • Become good at something.
  • Practice positivity.
  • Stop talking about people behind their backs.
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    What do guys find cool in a girl?

    10 Things Guys Find Attractive in A Girl

  • Your smile. Men adore it when a girl smiles because of something he said or laughs at his jokes.
  • Your waist.
  • Most men actually dislike dyes and unnatural colors.
  • Long legs.
  • The way you walk.
  • When you wear red.
  • When you stretch.
  • 12 Traits that Make You a Less Attractive Person.
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    How do I become cute?

  • Smile. Do not look like a goof when you smile; just smile like you always do. Be cute and happy, but not over the top!
  • Laugh heartily. Laugh to feel good, laugh to cheer up others and laugh with others.
  • Have fun. Everyone likes a person who is fun, social, and outgoing!
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    How can I be a unique teenage girl?

  • Say thanks more often.
  • Spend time with people who are shy or think they are not good enough for a friend.
  • Pass out cards.
  • Stand up to bullies.
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    How can I look attractive in school?

    Apply basic facial makeup, such as concealer and blush if desired. Face makeup helps to even out your skin tone and make your face look smooth and flawless. A basic makeup routine each morning before school may help you look your best all day long. via

    How can I be cool without trying?

  • Stand Up Straight.
  • Don't Try Too Hard.
  • Wear Stylish Shades.
  • Rock A Leather Jacket.
  • Get Jeans That Fit Well.
  • Add Some Stubble.
  • Walk Into A Room & Know People.
  • Assume Everyone Likes You.
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    How can I be cool popular?

    Stand up tall, smile, and speak with authority, acting like you're not trying to put on a front or like you're down on yourself. Showing how confident you are can go a long way in making you truly cool and popular. Talk about something you're looking forward to over the weekend or an awesome show or movie that you saw. via

    What makes you instantly like?

    They are genuine.

    Being genuine and honest is essential to being likeable. No one likes a fake. People gravitate toward those who are genuine because they know they can trust them. It is difficult to like someone when you don't know who they really are and how they really feel. via

    How do you get your crush to like you back?

  • Put yourself out there.
  • Listen!
  • Find out what your crush is passionate about.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Buy your crush a hot drink.
  • Don't be afraid to confess your feelings.
  • Be yourself!
  • Put your phone down in front of them!
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    How do you become everyone's favorite person?

  • Adopt Simplicity. Among those who are in our favourite people list, one thing in common, they are all very simple people.
  • Speak Truth.
  • Be Selfless.
  • Be Generous.
  • Genuinely Like and Respect others.
  • Be Happy.
  • Learn For Giving.
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    What is Fyp in TikTok?

    The For You page, aka “FYP,” is the first page you land on when you open the TikTok app. It's a curated feed of videos from creators you might not follow, but TikTok's algorithm thinks you will like based on your interests and past interactions. via

    Do TikTok stars get paid?

    How Much Money Do TikTokers Make? Like Youtube, TikTok doesn't pay its creators for advertisements. Creators who have 1 million or more followers can get paid $1,000 to $5,000+ a month. Researchers say that TikTok stars could make up to $1M per post. via

    How do you study secretly?

  • Chew gum. The act of chewing gum is actually a brain booster.
  • Control your focus. Sometimes, you're your own worst enemy.
  • Download study apps.
  • Eat.
  • Search online.
  • Jazz up your notes.
  • Memory aids.
  • Mnemonic Devices.
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    How could I increase my IQ?

  • Memory activities.
  • Executive control activities.
  • Visuospatial reasoning activities.
  • Relational skills.
  • Musical instruments.
  • New languages.
  • Frequent reading.
  • Continued education.
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    How can I study smart?

  • Study in short chunks. Short study sessions help the synapses in your brain process information much better than lots of information in long sessions.
  • Get in the zone.
  • Sleep well and exercise.
  • Write flash cards.
  • Connect the dots.
  • Set goals.
  • Aim to teach it.
  • Read aloud and recall.
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    How can I look hotter?

  • Add definition to your eyes by applying eyeliner, in a subtle and natural shade (like brown). Brush on a little eyeshadow in champagne or light brown.
  • A little bit of mascara opens up your lashes and makes them look longer.
  • Contour your face using bronzer to bring out your cheekbones.
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    What is a baddie girl?

    According to Urban Dictionary, a baddie is a girl who is always slaying the game and always on fleek. Basically, a girl who is extremely put together and looks phenomenal even on her off days. via

    How can I look attractive?

  • Keep Your Teeth White. VieBeauti Teeth Whitening Pen.
  • Go For A Voluminous Hair Style.
  • Take Care Of Your Skin.
  • Have Red Lipstick Handy.
  • Put On That Red Dress.
  • Mimic The Person You're Talking To.
  • Accentuate Your Symmetry.
  • Be Confident.
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    How do I get my crush to fall in love with me at school?

  • Dress differently from the crowd. Well, if everyone dresses up, you dress down.
  • Be late for school.
  • Speak up with confidence.
  • Make friends with his/her friends.
  • Tell your friend who your crush is.
  • Bump into him.
  • Join a really cool club.
  • Borrow a pen.
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    How do you flirt in class?

    Eye contact is one of the most effective flirting techniques. You don't want to stare at her all through class — that will seem creepy and you'll probably get called out by your teacher. Instead, try to catch her eye whenever something funny happens. Hold the eye contact for a few seconds, then look away. via

    How do you attract a boy in school uniform?

  • Tuck in your shirt to make it less baggy.
  • Wear a belt around your waist to give your uniform more shape.
  • Tie the bottom of your shirt in a knot to make it fit better.
  • Alter your clothes to make them slightly larger or smaller.
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