How Old Is Thorsten Kaye


How old is Susan Haskell?

Susan Haskell via

Where was Thorsten Kaye born?

Thorsten Kaye via

Is Ridge really married to Shauna?

Ridge secretly marries Shauna

While they are there, Ridge has a little too much to drink and ends up tying the knot with Shauna at an all-night wedding chapel. When Ridge sobers up, he is shocked to find out that he is married to Shauna. via

What happened to Susan Haskell?

The character she created and won an Emmy playing, Marty Saybrooke, actually returned to the canvas a couple years ago, but she was played by Sunset Beach's Christina Chambers up until she seemingly died in a van explosion six months ago. via

Who is Thorsten Kaye married to?

Thorsten Kaye via

What happened to Marty on One Life to Live?

After Cole is abducted back in Llanview by a mysterious man in a "Death" costume, another unseen figure shows up at John and Marty's motel room and grabs her just as she gets a call from Starr on Cole's cell phone. Marty is presumed dead, and the bereaved John and Cole return to Llanview. via

Is Ronn Moss still married?

The actor's wife, Devin Devasquez, posted on Instagram that she and Moss have tied the knot once more. “Oops we did it again after 10 years!” Devasquez wrote. “@ronnmoss and I decided to renew our vows again in #Calabria. via

How old is John mccook?

John McCook via

Who is Stephanie Forrester real life husband?

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Having a Baby Boy!

It's a boy for The Bold and the Beautiful star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester) and her husband Elan Ruspoli. After teasing that she would be revealing the sex of her baby on social media, via

Is Thorsten Kaye leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

Thorsten Kaye is set to leave the CBS soap. The actor who currently plays Ridge Forrester on the fashionable daytime drama will be making his exit. But don't worry; it's not until next year and it's only temporary. He wants to take a break to focus on his family. via

How tall is Thorsten?

Thorsten Kaye via

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