How Much Are Zhu Zhu Pets


Are Zhu Zhu Pets discontinued?

Zhu Zhu Pets were a hot gift item when introduced for the 2009 holiday season, but Cepia says that demand that still exists for the toy line, which was discontinued in 2012. via

How much did Zhu Zhu Pets cost in 2009?

ZhuZhu Pets were a craze during the 2009 holidays. They originally retailed for $9 USD, but for a time they sold for over $100 because of shortages. via

Are Zhu Zhu pets safe?

Squiggles, and all other Zhu Zhu Toys, are safe and compliant with all U.S. and European standards for consumer health and safety in toys," Russ Hornsby, CEO of Cepia LLC, said in a statement posted on the Zhu Zhu Pets Web site. via

Are Zuzu pets valuable?

Rare zhus are a bit hard to find online nowadays, especially one for a cheap price NIB. Some are found in lots from US to UK reaching fairly up to $25 or over the top $125 dollars. via

Can you replace batteries in Zhu Zhu Pets?

To access the battery, you must remove the motor assembly from the Zhu Zhu pet. You will now be able to pull the pet away from the motor assembly, exposing the battery. Now you can replace the battery. Put everything back together and you are home free. via

How do I activate Zhu Zhu Pet?

  • Press your Zhu's nose to hear it talk.
  • Press or pet your Zhu's head to hear it coo and chirp.
  • Press your Zhu's back to make it scurry around and explore. [NOTE: the button will appear as the collar dog tag for puppies when that product line is added]
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    What is a Zhu Zhu Pet?

    Zhu Zhu pets are toys shaped like small animals, most commonly hamsters. Each Zhu Zhu Pet has a symbol on their backs, known as a birthmark. All Zhu Zhu pets can make noises by pressing their nose or their head, and can move around when their back is pressed. via

    How many Zhu Zhu pets are there?

    In Chinese, "Zhu Zhu" means "little pig." There are nine different Zhu Zhus to choose from: Patches, Chunk, PipSqueak, Mr. Squiggles, Num Nums, Scoodles, Jilly, Nugget and Winkie. Various habitats are sold separately. via

    How do you turn off a Zhu Zhu Pet?

    Push the top of the Zhu Zhu Pet's head to turn off "Explore" mode. This prevents the pet from moving around. Press the center of the pet's back to put it to sleep. The Zhu Zhu Pet will yawn and enter its inactivity mode. via

    What are the Zhu Zhu pets names?

    Among the new Zhu Zhus is a line of four hamsters called Rockstars with the names "Pax," "Kingston," "Rider" and "Roxie." The names are inspired by the children of celebrities, including Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani. via

    Are Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters or guinea pigs?

    Squiggles is a hamster of all trades—he just has to get a bit more organized at sorting them out! He is somewhat of a scatter-brained rodent, which can be challenging for the team as they try to understand and operate (and be “guinea pigs” for) his latest inventions! via

    How do Zhu Zhu pets work?

    They Run Around

    Each Zhu can run and scurry around – just like real hamsters. Place your furry friend on the floor and press the button on their back. Your Zhu will take off, running and moving around. Each Zhu has a sensor inside their nose, making them expert navigators of any room. via

    What batteries do Zuzu pets use?

    Zhu Zhu Sophie is a pink electronic hamster thy takes two AAA batteries to operate. You can either push the button on the top of its back to make it run and/or press its nose to get it "chattering". via

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