How Many Tsum Tsum Are There To Collect


How many Tsums make a big TSUM?

You can click the Magic Bubble and it will clear all the Tsums around it. There are several types of bubbles and they have extra abilities depending on their type. If you get a big Tsum you can connect it with other Tsums of the same character but it counts as 5 Tsums on its own. via

Why are they called Tsum Tsum?

The name is derived from the Japanese verb tsumu, meaning "to stack", because the toys are designed to stack on top of each other, forming a pyramid shape. The toys were first released in Japan in 2013 as a tie-in to the Tsum Tsum arcade and mobile games developed by Konami and Line Corporation. via

What is the collection screen on Tsum Tsum?

Your Collection is the Tsum Tsums you have collected from Boxes. You can open from in the Game Menu by clicking the yellow button with the image of your current MyTsum. The Tsums you don't own yet are represented by a blue silhouette of the Tsum. via

Does the Disney Store sell Tsum Tsums?

Disney Store

The Disney stores and website are usually the first place new Tsum Tsum plushes will appear. The Disney Tsum Tsum line has even expanded to include apparel, accessories, and home goods. The set includes one small Tsum and one mini Tsum. via

Which Tsum Tsum is the best?

Best Tsum Tsum for high scores are Cinderella, Surprise Elsa, Jedi Luke, Maleficent, Parade Mickey, Peter Pan, Jack Sparrow. Burst Skill Tsum Tsum work well for high scores too. via

Which Tsum Tsum is best for score bubbles?

Tsum Tsum that are good for spawning score bubbles are Moana, Miss Bunny, Scar, Rattle Bones Pluto, Jasmine. via

How many Disney Tsum Tsums are there?

So to complete missions as quickly as possible, you'll need a wide collection of the 200 different tsums. Some have overlapping abilities, while other missions are more specific. via

How do you pronounce Tsum Tsum?

“Tsum Tsum” is Japanese for “stack stack”. So how exactly do you pronounce “Tsum Tsum”? It is pronounced 'soom soom' (like 'zoom zoom' but with an 's' in front). via

When did Disney Tsum Tsums come out?

History. Tsum Tsums were first released in Japan during 2013 beginning with the toyline, followed by the Line app. They entered the US market in 2014. via

What are level tickets in TSUM TSUM?

Level Ticket Level tickets were first introduced to the Japanese version in August 2017 and the International version in November 2017. They can be used on the Collection screen to increase the Tsum Tsum's level. (They act as if you had cleared 6000 of that Tsum Tsum.) via

How do you link skill ticket duel?

A “Skill Ticket” can be traded for a Legendary Duelist's Skill. If there's a randomly dropped Skill for a specific character that you want, you can get it right away with this “Skill Ticket”! All Duelists logging in during the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links 3rd Anniversary Celebration Campaign will receive one Skill Ticket! via

How do you get skill ticket?

Skill Tickets are usually earned either from playing through the monthly events, or by emptying all the Capsules in the Pick Up Capsule Events. Occasionally, they will offer Skill Tickets through other events like, it might be offered during a Login Event. via

Does Walmart have Tsum Tsums?

Disney Tsum Tsum Toys - via

What are TSUM Tsums used for?

Tsum Tsum's are not just stackable, collectable, and cute toys; they are multipurpose, functional plushes that can be used to do a variety of things. Here is a list of four fantastic uses for Tsum Tsum's as advertised on Japan's Disney site. 1. Screen Cleaner – Use your Tsum Tsum's to clean the screen on your phone! via

What is a Mickey Tsum Tsum?

Mickey is the first default Tsum you receive after completing the tutorial the first time you play Tsum Tsum. As if to help you out in his own Mickey way, his Center Burst Skill will literally give you a helping hand. via

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