How Many Shopkins


How many characters are there in Shopkins?

Shopkins are small collectible toys produced by Moose Toys. There are numerous Shopkins that make up the Shopkins world. At moment, there are more than 100 shopkin characters, each with their own name, but more are constantly being created! Every sweet Shopkin figure has an unmistakable face and a one of a kind name. via

What's the rarest Shopkin of all?

Limited Edition Shopkins

  • Roxy Ring (100 made)
  • Brenda Brooch (250 made)
  • Ticky Tock (500 made)
  • Ring-a-Rosie (1,000 made)
  • Chelsea Charm (2,500 made)
  • Ruby Earring (5,000 made)
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    How many Shopkins have been sold?

    Over 240 million Shopkins have been sold worldwide and the adorable, pocket-sized toys have quickly become playground currency. via

    How many Shopkins are there in season 12?

    Season 12 of Shopkins contains 60 Shopkins which could belong to 1 of 10 Teams, have 1 of 3 finishes and come in 1 of 6 Rarities. via

    Are Shopkins still being made 2020?

    With only 4 seasons produced, the line was also discontinued in 2020. via

    What is the most famous Shopkin?

    Shopkins are some of the most popular toys in 2016, and here are some favourites from the series:

  • Strawberry Kiss. A rare member of the fruits and veggies team, Strawberry Kiss is one of the best (and tastiest) Shopkins characters out there.
  • Tammy TV. Tammy is always excited.
  • Pancake Jake.
  • Ice Cream Queen.
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    What is the first Shopkin ever made?

    Season One is the first edition of Shopkin toys. It came out in Mid/Late June 2014. It included 12 packs, 5 packs, 20 packs, 10 packs, and 2 packs of Shopkins. via

    How can you tell if Shopkins are fake? (video)

    How much do Shopkins cost?

    Moose Toys has sold more than 115 million Shopkins toys (generally priced at $2.99) since launching in 2014. Shopkins's popularity propelled it to the No. 2 trending toy search on Google (GOOGL) this October. "The idea with Shopkins is to inspire kids' imagination," said Ally Barajas, VP of marketing for Moose Toys. via

    What is the rarest Shoppie?

    "With an extremely limited quantity, Jessicake Limited Edition Golden Cupcake will be the rarest Shoppie in the line, and we're thrilled to introduce her to the most avid collectible fans at Comic-Con." via

    What is the hole in the bottom of Shopkins for?

    The holes in the bottom of some of the characters make them perfect for displaying Shopkins on pencils. via

    What are Shopkins called now?

    Real Littles are miniatures of iconic brands with a matching Shopkin inside, and now they're bringing the cutest micro-versions of favorite frozen foods to the toy aisle in partnership with the Unilever family of brands, Conagra and Kellogg's. via

    What age group is Shopkins for?

    Shopkins : 8-11 Years. via

    How many Shopkins Are in Season 4?

    Season Four is the fourth overall season of Shopkins, and was released in December 2015. The ultra rares of this season appear to be the entire Petshop team, and has a "shimmy" finish. The special edition is the large Petkins team, which takes up a whopping total of 48 Shopkins. via

    Are Glitter Shopkins rare?

    It also has a glitter coating that attracts the eye and it is a super rare find. This Shopkin is unique and reminds you of what it means to be a true royal queen. You can bet she is worth a lot on the market as many would try and snag this sale. via

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