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How many episodes are there of tour of duty?

Tour of Duty via

What was the last episode of Tour of Duty?

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What unit was Tour of Duty?

Set in 1967–1968, this groundbreaking drama series follows an infantry platoon as they fight the enemy — and each other — in Southeast Asia. Members of the platoon in season one include Capt. Rusty Wallace (Kevin Conroy), Sgt. Zeke Anderson (Terence Knox), Lt. via

Why did Kim Delaney leave tour of duty?

In 1988, Delaney became a regular on the CBS television series Tour of Duty. After leaving the show in 1989 to give birth to her son with husband Joseph Cortese, her character was killed in an explosion—just as her All My Children character had died five years earlier. via

How long was a Vietnam tour of duty?

All US military personnel serving in Vietnam during the Vietnam War were eligible for one R&R during their tour of duty (13 months for marines, 12 months for soldiers, sailors, airmen). via

What happened to Baker on tour of duty?

Eric Bruskotter, who played Private Scott Baker, did not return after season 1. There was no reason provided for his character's sudden disappearance when season 2 began. However during season 3 he had a guest star role as the same character and in the episode a reason was provided. via

How long is a tour of duty?

In the Army, the tour of duty could last anywhere from six months to 12 months and up to 15 months. A soldier who has a family will experience a tour of duty that lasts 36 months, if accompanied by the family. If the soldier does not have a family, it will be for 12 months. via

How do I access tour of duty?

You'll need your CAC to log in. After you log in, select the light green box that says “Tour of Duty.” This will take you to the homepage. Since you're going to be searching for a job, some of the menu options across the top will be disabled, as they only apply to those who are also posting job availabilities. via

What TV series used paint it black?

In the late 1980s, “Paint It Black” became associated with the Vietnam War due to its use in both Hollywood films and TV shows. It was used in the ending credits of the 1987 film Full Metal Jacket and it also became the theme song for the CBS-TV show, Tour Of Duty, a Vietnam war era series that ran from 1987-1990. via

Can I stream tour of duty?

Stream And Watch Tour of Duty Online | Sling TV. via

What is the meaning of Tour of Duty?

Word forms: tours of duty. countable noun. A soldier's tour of duty is a period of time when the soldier is involved in a particular duty or stationed in a particular place such as a war zone. via

Where can I watch TV series Tour of Duty?

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  • Netflix.
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  • Showtime.
  • Starz.
  • CBS All Access.
  • Hulu.
  • Amazon Prime Video.
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    Why was Tour of Duty canceled?

    The show was canceled at the end of this season due to falling ratings. via

    How long was a tour of duty in ww2?

    Soldiers in World War II were deployed for the entire war and could be in active service for 4 to 5 years. via

    Are Kim and Dana Delaney sisters?

    Kim DELANEY has no sisters. Dana DELANY has one sister, named Corey. via

    Why did Dana Delaney leave NYPD Blue?

    Delaney, tough-talking Detective Diane Russell on "NYPD Blue" since May '95, will leave Steven Bochco's ABC hit after this season to star as a criminal defense attorney in a new Bochco drama to be set in Philadelphia. The new show will launch in fall 2001 on ABC. via

    Who served the most tours of duty in Vietnam?

    Apparently the longest-serving American in the Vietnam War was Robert Lewis Howard, who started his first tour in 1965 with the 101st Airborne Division, and went on to serve with the Special Forces and Military Assistance Command Vietnam/Studies and Observation Group (MACV/SOG), doing a record five tours of duty and via

    What was the bloodiest battle in Vietnam?

    52 years ago, the bloodiest battle of Vietnam ended, and it changed forever how Americans felt about the war. The Battle of Hue began early on January 31, 1968 and lasted until the first days of March, when US troops retook the city. via

    What was the average age of a soldier in Vietnam?

    Fact: Assuming KIAs accurately represented age groups serving in Vietnam, the average age of an infantryman (MOS 11B) serving in Vietnam to be 19 years old is a myth, it is actually 22. None of the enlisted grades have an average age of less than 20. The average man who fought in World War II was 26 years of age. via

    Who played Lt on tour of duty?

    Tour of Duty (TV Series 1987–1990) - Stephen Caffrey as Lt. Myron Goldman - IMDb. via

    Can you visit a soldier on deployment?

    One of those questions may be, “Can't you go with them on deployment?” For most military spouses, the answer is a resounding “No!” For others, it may be possible. But if you want to visit your spouse during deployment—and all the stars align—you may want some help. via

    How many months is a military tour?

    Tour Length Establishment. The standard tour length for a DoD Service member stationed OCONUS is 36 months in an accompanied tour and 24 months in an unaccompanied tour. Hawaii and Alaska are exceptions, with a tour length of 36 months for both accompanied and unaccompanied tours. via

    What is 1 tour in the military?

    In the military, a tour of duty is the duration for which an enlisted soldier sees combat. During World War II, for instance, the standard tour of duty for soldiers of the Royal Air Force (RAF) was 30 flights. Because RAF soldiers didn't fly every day, however, it often took months to reach this number. via

    Can I watch Tour of Duty on Netflix?

    Is Tour of Duty on Netflix? Unfortunately this serie is not yet available on Netflix. via

    How do I check my Medpros?

    MEDPROS also provides every Soldier with alerts as to their Individual Medical Readiness status. If you have difficulty accessing or using this system, contact MEDPROS at (877) 256-6477 or via email at [email protected] Hours of operation: 0600-1800 EST Mon-Fri, 0700-1700 Sat-Sun. via

    Can you access Mobcop from home?

    Platforms such as ATTRS, MOBCOP, and Tour of Duty are now restricted to DOD computers alone – and it seems like even more basic functions are headed that way as well, such as taking the pre-Periodic Health Assessment survey and signing clothing records. via

    What did the United States fear would happen if it did not get involved in Vietnam?

    Some Americans questioned the fairness of the draft because? What did the United States fear would happen if it did not get involved in Vietnam? Communists would take over. What congressional action gave President Johnson the authority to escalate the Vietnam War? via

    When was the Vietnam War?

    Vietnam War via

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