How Many Maximum Ride Books Are There


What order should I read the Maximum Ride books in?

Maximum Ride Series Order

  • Maximum Ride Series Order.
  • The Angel Experiment: A Maximum Ride Novel Book.
  • School's Out - Forever (Maximum Ride, Book 2) Book.
  • Saving the World: A Maximum Ride Novel (Book 3) Book.
  • The Final Warning: A Maximum Ride Novel Book.
  • Max (Maximum Ride, Book 5) Book.
  • Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel Book.
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    Will there be a 10th Maximum Ride book?

    10 Paperback – Dec 23 2025. via

    How many maximum ride chapter books are there?

    Maximum Ride Book Series (9 Books) via

    How many max books are there?

    The Mysteries of Max (41 book series) Kindle Edition. via

    What age is maximum ride for?

    The first book in the fantasy series gives an overview of the Flock: Maximum "Max" Ride (the leader), Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel, all children respectively ranging from 6 to 14 years old. via

    Do Fang and Max get together?

    Fang is an independent, solitary member of the Flock, who eventually begins a romance with Max. via

    How old is Max in Hawk?

    It's an execution. In this dark dystopian tale, 17-year-old Hawk is growing up hard and fast in post-apocalyptic New York City—until a perilous destiny forces her to take flight and protect her home. via

    Is Iggy from Maximum Ride blind?

    Iggy is a 14-year-old avian-human hybrid (turns 15 in Fang). He is blind but has adjusted well. Like all the others [except for Max, Fang, and Angel] he has not developed gills, and thus cannot breathe underwater. In Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel, Iggy is described as six feet tall and skinny. via

    Who is Dylan in maximum ride?

    Dylan. Dylan was a member of the Flock from FANG to Maximum Ride Forever. He had obvious and strong feelings for Max, which caused him to war with Fang. He was designed to be Max's "perfect other half" (of course, destiny is funny that way). via

    Is maximum ride on Amazon Prime?

    Watch Maximum Ride | Prime Video. via

    How many books are in the Angel Experiment Series?

    The Complete Maximum Ride Series (Angel Experiment, School's Out Forever, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, The Final Warning, Max, Fang, Angel, Nevermore) (Maximum Ride, 1-8) Hardcover – January 1, 2012. via

    Is Hawk part of the Maximum Ride series?

    Reader discretion is advised. Hawk is the tenth book of the Maximum Ride series, centering around Max and Fang's daughter. Its release date was July 13, 2020. via

    Is maximum ride a good book?

    5.0 out of 5 stars I have enjoyed the whole series and now my 12 year old is begining to read them as well. I have read every book in the Maximum ride series and now am getting my 12 year old into them. I bought her this one and she loves it. I am enjoying talking about the characters, plot and science of it with her. via

    How does Maximum Ride hide her wings?

    But their most useful superpower is the ability to just fold up their ginormous wings and hide them neatly beneath a windbreaker. Max specifically describes it as pulling her wings like an accordion. Note that she has like a 14-foot wingspan. via

    Is maximum ride on Netflix?

    Sorry, Maximum Ride is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like Pakistan and start watching Pakistani Netflix, which includes Maximum Ride. via

    What age group are James Patterson books?

    Norma Katz James Patterson writes books for all age groups but his books starring Alex Cross is for adults so I would say 18. via

    Is James Patterson rich?

    James Patterson has a net worth of $750 million and earns an estimated $90 million per year. This novelist was born in Newburgh, New Jersey, on March 22, 1947. His best-known work is his books about Alex Cross, a fictional psychologist. via

    What happens in maximum ride the angel experiment?

    The youngest Flock member, Angel, is abducted by the Erasers and taken back to "The School", the lab where they were genetically altered and raised in cages. Max, Fang and Nudge leave their home in an attempt to rescue Angel, while Iggy and the Gasman were forced to stay behind. via

    What should I read if I liked maximum ride?

    Your Next 5 Books - Maximum Ride read-alikes (and more)

  • Tankborn. by Sandler, Karen. Book - 2011.
  • The Gardener. by Bodeen, S. A. Book - 2010.
  • Incarceron. by Fisher, Catherine. Large Print - 2010.
  • I Am Number Four. by Lore, Pittacus. Book - 2010.
  • Graceling. by Cashore, Kristin. Book - 2008.
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    Is there a Maximum Ride show?

    As Maximum Ride boldly navigates a post-apocalyptic world, she and her broken flock are roaming the earth, searching for answers to what happened. via

    Will there be a Hawk 2?

    City of the Dead (Maximum Ride: Hawk, 2) Hardcover – November 29, 2021. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Hawk, the daughter of Maximum Ride, teams with her mother up to help save their beloved but dangerous city in this action-packed thriller. via

    Can you read Hawk without reading maximum ride?

    To answer questions about Hawk, please sign up. Salla (Booksonal) If you don't mind spoilers for the original series, you can definitely read this one without reading the others! via

    How old is Max in The Angel Experiment?

    Fourteen-year-old Maximum Ride, better known as Max, knows what it's like to soar above the world. She and all the members of the "Flock" — Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel — are just like ordinary kids. via

    How old is maximum ride in Nevermore?

    The books follow fourteen-year-old Maximum “Max” Ride and her “family” - six kids of varying ages, known as the Flock. Max and her gang of friends – Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman and Angel – are pretty normal in most ways, except one major thing - that they are 98% human, 2% bird. via

    What happened to Angel at the end of Maximum Ride?

    Fortunately, however, Angel survived and managed to be rescued. During the apocalypse, she revealed that she was the Voice, though nobody believed her at first. She survived the Split along with Max, Fang, and Dylan, and stayed above-ground to live. via

    Who is the voice in maximum ride?

    The Voice is an entity that Max hears in her mind, usually giving advice or ominous warnings. It has also spoken to other Flock members. Although Jeb was briefly believed to be the Voice, in Nevermore, it was revealed to be Angel. via

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