How Many Books Are In The Selection


What order do the selection books go in?

The Selection Series

  • The Selection (2012)
  • The Elite (2013)
  • The One (2014)
  • The Heir (2015)
  • The Untitled Fifth Book (2016)
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    How many books are in the Sare in the selection series?

    The Selection (5 book series) Kindle Edition. via

    How many the selection books have been sold?

    After a first printing of 24,000 and 13 trips back to press, The Selection now boasts 175,000 copies sold in all formats, while The Elite has already sold 90,000 copies of its initial 100,000-copy print run (in all formats) and has gone back to press four times. via

    Is the one the last book in the selection series?

    The One is the third book in The Selection Series and the last book in the main trilogy by Kiera Cass, preceded by The Elite, then The Selection. It is the last book in America's point of view. via

    Do you have to read the selection series in order?

    The first is by order of publication, which is how I read them. The second way to read The Selection series in order is chronologically. And the third way is my own personal recommendation. via

    Does America end up with Maxon?

    At the end of The One (after he had healed) he and America got married and were crowned as the new king and queen of Illéa, after his parents' death at the hands of the Southern rebels. via

    Who married Eadlyn?

    Princess Eadlyn fell in love with Eikko (Erik) Koskinen, who was not in the Selection and married him. via

    Is The Selection turning into a movie?

    The Selection movie Netflix release date and time - The selection movie is all set to release in 2021 and it is based on one of the most famous books of Kiera Cass, which is set 300 years in the future, and will be coming to Netflix soon. via

    Is Netflix making a selection movie?

    Heading to Netflix!

    I am thrilled to tell you that The Selection movie is finally moving forward at Netflix! We are working with the amazing director Haifaa Al-Mansour (I loved Wadjda! Look it up!) and are so pleased to be answering the cry you have put our for years! You can read the full story at Variety. via

    Is The Selection appropriate for 13 year olds?

    I Love This Book

    The book is a pretty clean awesome read that most older tweens and teens would love. Younger tweens would probably love this too ,but it all depends on how mature your kid is. via

    Who is the girl on The Selection cover?

    “They hit it out of the park on the first try,” she said about The Selection cover, featuring a model – Audrey Hollister – portraying America in a ruffled blue ballgown. via

    Does Kris marry Maxon?

    Kriss was one of the final two Maxon selected and initially he told America he would marry her. However, Maxon and Kriss saw America close to Aspen in the hallway. Maxon realized that he was correct in his suspicion that America had been seeing Aspen and changed his mind into marrying Kriss out of anger and hurt. via

    Who wins in the Selection?

    If the contestant wins the Selection, she/he and her/his family will become Ones and members of the royal family. The contestant will also marry the prince/princess and become the crowned princess/prince of Illéa, taking on all the rights and responsibilities of the title. via

    Who does Maxon marry in the Selection?

    America Schreave has blue eyes, but the model for the book covers has green eyes. In The Heir, America tells Eadlyn that she married Maxon when she was eighteen. America's dress on the cover of The Selection is actually mauve, but later altered into blue. via

    What is happily ever after Kiera Cass?

    In this book, Kiera Cass shows us four behind-the-scenes love stories from the world of The Selection, and a few other extra novellas! In Marlee's novella, it shows the scene where Carter and Marlee are publicly punished for their actions, and then how they live after that. via

    Should I read the queen before the selection?

    The Queen – Novella. This prequel story takes place before the events of The Selection and is told from the point of view of Prince Maxon's mother, Amberly and how she became a beloved queen. via

    Why did Maxon kiss Celeste?

    The kiss is also described by America Singer during The Elite. Celeste`s plan was to get Maxon to sleep with her, so she would have a chance to become pregnant, shortening the Selection process. via

    Does Maxon forgive America?

    America goes to talk to Aspen, and Maxon realizes that Aspen was America's first love. Bleeding profusely, he apologizes to America for almost not choosing her, saying that he loves her to his last breath and that his heart belongs to her. via

    Did Aspen cheat on America?

    America was Aspen's first love. The two were dating in secret for two years until America was Selected. Just before that, Aspen dumps her, because he feels he cannot provide to her as a Six. Towards the end of The One he falls in love with Lucy, America's maid, and she also falls in love with him. via

    Does Eadlyn marry Kile?

    To stop Marid's plans, Eadlyn decides to finish the Selection in two weeks and get married soon. She will eliminate Fox and Hale and then choose publicly between Kile and Henri. They agree that after the Selection is over, they will never meet each other again, but for that night they can kiss and be together. via

    Does Eadlyn have a child?

    They have four children: Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden and Osten. Eadlyn and Ahren are twins, however Eadlyn is older than her brother, making her the first female heir to the throne. In the second epilogue to The Crown, it is revealed that Eadlyn is pregnant with her and Eikko's second child. via

    Who does America's daughter marry?

    She comes home and marries a distant cousin, Thomas Randolph. Even though she was constantly pregnant (she ended up giving birth to 11 children), managing her husband's plantations as well as her father's, she ended up being a pivotal part of Thomas Jefferson's life. via

    Is Red Queen a movie?

    Banks would co-produce and direct the series and is also taking an important supporting role, while Aveyard is writing the scripts alongside Arrow veteran Beth Schwartz. And with three book sequels already in existence, there's plenty of material for the show. via

    Is red white and royal blue going to be a movie?

    We're thrilled to announce this recent FILM DEAL of RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE by debut author Casey McQuiston. This queer romantic comedy is an ABA Indie Next Top Pick, a Best Book of the Month at Amazon and Top Summer Romance at Oprah Magazine, Bookish, Book Page, She Reads and Bustle. via

    How old is America singer in The Selection?

    America Singer is sixteen-year-old girl. She and her family live in Illéa, which is set up by a numerical caste system. The Singer family are Fives, which means they are required to work as artists and musicians. via

    Can an 11 year old read The Selection?

    To answer questions about The Selection, please sign up. BookAdopter I suggest waiting before letting them read this book. It has some content more suited for 13+, at the youngest 12 years. Your students should wait a few years before reading it. via

    Does The Selection have bad words?

    Even though there is a little bit of swearing, it is such a great series over all. via

    What age is the elite for?

    Suitable for teens 14 and up. via

    What is the plot of The Selection?

    A group of impoverished girls compete for a chance to live amongst the wealthy, where a rebellion is brewing. For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering crowns and priceless jewels. via

    Is the betrothed part of The Selection series?

    From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Selection series comes The Betrothed, a glittering royal romance sure to captivate her legion of loyal readers and lovers of courtly intrigue alike. via

    Is Kiera Cass writing another book?

    Kiera Cass will be returning to readers' hearts before too long. EW can exclusively announce that the best-selling romance author will next publish The Betrothed in spring of 2020, the first book in a new duology. Read on. The Betrothed publishes May 5, 2020. via

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