How Far Is Downton Abbey From London


How much does it cost to stay at Downton Abbey?

The cost of a night's stay at Highclere Castle is $186.36. The reservation is first come, first served. What can you expect? The castle sits on more than 1,000 acres and boasts 300 rooms. via

How far is the village from Downton Abbey?

The village is located between the towns of Ripon and Thirsk. A signpost in Downton village shows that Thirsk is 6 miles in one direction, while Ripon is 9 miles in the other direction. via

Can you tour Downton Abbey?

Visitors can choose their own Downton adventure. Self-guided tours of Highclere, as well as private and group tours of both the castle and nearby village, and even a multiday tour are among the options granting fans the chance to experience Downton. via

Is Highclere Castle worth visiting?

Highclere Castle is well worth a visit, the house and grounds are stunning as was the Egyptian exhibition. As avid Downton Abbey viewers it brought the whole series to life. The guides in the house were very knowledgeable and most helpful. via

Do families still live like Downton Abbey?

But it turns out that modern day versions of Carson, Mrs. Hughes and the rest of the staff at Downton Abbey still exist today. Many of the great houses of England prevail (though they are as likely to be occupied by international billionaires with superyachts as they are by aristocrats). via

Is Downton Abbey based on a true story?

No, 'Downton Abbey' is not based on a true story. Characters like Violet Crawley and Isobel Crawley are not to be found in the pages of a history book. The series is created by Julian Fellowes based on a screenplay penned by Fellowes along with Shelagh Stephenson and Tina Pepler. via

Why do they say up to London in Downton Abbey?

The widespread, if a little archaic, use of 'up' when travelling to London is based partly on the importance of the capital and partly on the habit of denoting railway lines as 'up' lines (to London) and 'down' lines (out of London). via

What town is Downton Abbey filmed in?


The village in the show is actually set in the village of Bampton, in the picturesque Cotswolds. While the village of Downton is set in Yorkshire in the series, the charming village of Bampton in Oxfordshire is home to a number of recognisable locations that were used for filming. via

Where was Downton Abbey filmed at?

The popular ITV period drama Downton Abbey is filmed at Hampshire's Highclere Castle to the north of the county. Set within 1000 acres of parkland, the castle and its grounds double as the Downton Abbey estate, home to the fictional Crawley family. via

Who owns the house in Downton Abbey?

Highclere Castle, stately home in Hampshire, England, owned by the earls of Carnarvon. The castle has more than 200 rooms and stands on a tract of about 1,060 acres (430 hectares). It gained fame as the setting for the television series Downton Abbey (2010–15). via

Is there a cafe at Highclere Castle?

Visit the gardens and cafe - Highclere Castle. via

Can you stay at Highclere?

You can stay in Highclere Castle, the real Downton Abbey location, with Airbnb. After the cocktail hour, the guests will be escorted to the State Dining Room, where they will be served a traditional three-course dinner hosted by none other than the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, who own Highclere. via

Can I visit Highclere Castle without a ticket?

Can I visit Highclere Castle without pre-booking my ticket? Yes, during the public opening days in the Spring and Summer it is possible to visit the castle without booking a ticket or tour in advance. You can purchase admission tickets at the entrance in the afternoons. via

Can you eat at Highclere Castle?

Highclere Castle is a spectacular setting to hold a private luncheon or dinner. Highclere Castle can accomodate everything from a quiet dinner party in The State Dining Room to a dinner for up to 120 guests in the opulent Library. via

Can you walk around the grounds of Highclere Castle?

The gardens and grounds are only open when the castle is open but there are a number of public footpaths which are open throughout the year as well as summer walks which are detailed on the maps below. Please do keep your dogs on a lead at all times, there are ground nesting birds,rare flora and fauna as well as sheep. via

Why did married woman eat breakfast in bed?

If you're a married Lady, it is customary to have your breakfast in bed, because you supposedly don't have to socialise to find a husband. For those at the table, breakfast would be a buffet of kedgeree, toast, kippers. While the staff would drink from clay dishes, upstairs fine bone china was compulsory. via

What is the difference between the UK version of Downton Abbey?

What is the difference between the US and UK broadcasts of Downton Abbey? In the UK, Downton Abbey airs on a commercial network, ITV, and therefore has commercial breaks built into it. However, the season 1 DVDs sold by PBS and other U.S. outlets contained the unedited UK version of the show. via

What happened to Ethel's baby in Downton Abbey?

Ethel says goodbye to her son. Eventually, Ethel made the heart-wrenching decision to let her son's grandparents take him back with them. Isobel had contacted the Bryants on her behalf. Mr Bryant had been having Ethel watched and he knew how she had been living. via

How is Mr Bates proven innocent?

Bates was found innocent of the wine theft, but he confesses to Anna, Carson, and Mrs. Hughes that he was a drunkard "until a couple of years ago," and that he went to prison for theft. O'Brien and Thomas tell Carson who then confronts Bates who does not deny this claim. via

What happened to Anna Bates?

Anna was arrested and sent to jail in episode 8 of Season 5 for the murder of Green. While in prison, she told Bates that the police had discovered something about her life before Downton that would help their case. via

Do the crawleys still own Downton Abbey?

Members of the Crawley Family (as of July 1920). The Crawleys are a wealthy aristocratic family who live in and hold rights to the Downton Abbey estate (which they have held since at least 1772, when the 1st Earl of Grantham was raised to the earldom). The subsidiary title of the Earl of Grantham is Viscount Downton. via

Is London up or down?

London is the principal city in England, so Manchester is the "inferior" city, hence "up". All railway lines go "up" to the principal terminus, so all railway lines going to London are the "up" lines, and all leaving London are the "down" lines. via

Is Downton Abbey set in Yorkshire?

Yorkshire Countryside

While Downton is a fictional town, it's set in the very real Yorkshire County in Northern England. Very little of the series was actually filmed in Yorkshire, but many of its towns – Leeds, Richmond, Ripon, Middlesbrough and Thirsk – are all mentioned by characters in the show. via

Where are Downton Abbey kitchen scenes filmed?

The kitchen and servants' quarters were constructed and filmed at Ealing Studios in London throughout the TV series, and for the film, sets were constructed at Shepperton Studios in Surrey – including the post office, the Carsons' cottage, and Downton's wine cellar. via

Is there a real Earl of Grantham?

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Earl of Grantham is a fictional title in the peerage of Great Britain. As of 1920, the current holder of the title is Robert Crawley. The Earl is addressed as "Lord Grantham" and the Countess as "Lady Grantham". The seat of the Earls of Grantham is Downton Abbey in Downton, Yorkshire. via

Was Downton Abbey filmed at Biltmore?

Unlike the 2015 costume show inside the house, this new exhibition is in two locations on the estate: Amherst at Deerpark and The Biltmore Legacy in Antler Hill Village. The highly popular Downton Abbey series ran for six seasons. The anticipated feature film was released in September 2019. Visit Mrs. via

Where does the Dowager Countess of Grantham live?

The dowager countess lives in the dower house, a smaller house for the widow's use that is on the same grounds as the family residence. via

Are there two versions of Downton Abbey?

I recently noticed that Season 2 of the PBS show Downton Abbey was recently added to Amazon Prime Video. From what I gather, Americans are thought to just not care about deeper story-lines. So they made two different versions. via

What should I read if I love Downton Abbey?

Books to read if you love Downton Abbey

  • Jeeves and the Wedding Bells by Sebastian Faulks (2014)
  • Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh (1945)
  • Ashenden by Elizabeth Wihide (2013)
  • Penhallow by Georgette Heyer (1943)
  • The Long Weekend by Adrian Tinniswood (2018)
  • At Home at Highclere by Lady Carnarvon (2019)
  • via

    Where is the dowager house in Downton Abbey?

    Behind the scenes

    The Dower House is the private residence, Byfleet Manor near Byfleet, Surrey for the exterior and the drawing room. via

    Who does Lady Mary end up with?

    Mary (Michelle Dockery), the family's eldest daughter, finally found love again years after the tragic death of her husband, Matthew. Given that Matthew died in a car crash, Mary agreed to marry Henry Talbot (Matthew Goode) provided he give up his dangerous racecar driving profession and open a car shop instead. via

    How many bedrooms does Downton Abbey have?

    Many of the bedrooms have been used for filming Downton Abbey, most famously the room where Lord and Lady Grantham sleep. Visitors at the castle are able to take a tour around 12 of the bedrooms, but in total there are around 40 to 50. via

    How much does it cost to get married at Downton Abbey?

    ' Highclere has been the residence of the Carnarvon family since 1679. And it's currently inhabited by the 8th Lord and Lady Carnarvon and their family. The castle does allow weddings, and prices to hire parts of the castle alone, begin at about $23,000 for one night. via

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