How Did Csi Miami End


What happened on the final episode of CSI: Miami?

CSI: Miami via

How did CSI crime scene end?

The series ends with the newly promoted Sidle, upon hearing a recording of Grissom confessing his love for her, sailing from the Port of San Diego with Grissom. via

What happened to Horatio on CSI: Miami?

At the end of the season 6 finale, Horatio is shot. It appears as though he is dead, but in behind the scenes video, it's said Horatio's death was faked so he can go after Ron. via

Does Horatio get killed in CSI: Miami?

Horatio and Marisol got married and she was killed by the end of season 4. In the season nine finale, Horatio is shot down by Randy North, the unwilling accomplice of convicted felon Jack Toller, who also kidnaps Horatio's co-worker Natalia Boa Vista and puts her in the trunk of a car and pushes it off the pier. via

Did CSI: Miami get Cancelled?

Why CBS Ended CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami was incredibly favored during its run. But ultimately, CBS canceled CSI: Miami due to a decline in ratings and the climbing cost of production. During the show's last season on the air, CSI: Miami ranked Number 27 out of all broadcast TV shows. via

Does Eric and Calleigh get together?

In the episode "Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing", Eric is seen waking up nude in Calleigh's bed and they share a bathroom as they get ready in the morning. As of Season 7, they are in a romantic relationship that they are keeping hidden from the rest of the team. via

Did Grissom sleep with Lady Heather?

Whether they have actually had sex is unknown - (although Grissom does mention, in the last ever CSI episode 'Immortality', that "Lady Heather never slept with any of her clients or patients"; which from Sara's surprised reaction to said admission, seems quite telling.) via

Why did Gary Dourdan leave CSI?

Gary Dourdan

That's because his character died during the season nine premiere. As it was reported back in 2008, it came down to contract negotiations. The parties involved reportedly couldn't meet a resolution, and it was announced that Dourdan would leave the show. via

What does CSI mean?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the original CSI television series, set in Las Vegas. via

Who killed Horatio Caine wife?

She was shot by Memmo Fierro, a Mala Noche sniper, during "Rampage" and later died from her injury, leaving Horatio and Delko both grief-stricken, devastated, and hellbent on seeking revenge for Marisol's death. via

Did Horatio and Yelina get together?

Horatio continued to be in love with Yelina in spite of realizing her true love may always be his brother, Raymond. His feelings for her continued even during her relationship with Stetler. As for Yelina, she loved Horatio but was not in love with him. via

Who was the mole in CSI Miami?

Of all the wild cards in "CSI: Miami," Eva LaRue might be playing the wildest. Her character, Natalia Boa Vista, has been unpredictable since joining CBS' Monday crime-drama hit. Last year, she was exposed as a "mole" who let privileged information out of the forensics lab. via

Why was speed killed off on CSI: Miami?

In Speed's case, he was known for his carelessness in procedure, such as when he borrowed Calleigh Duquesne's (Emily Procter) crime light and forgot to recharge it before giving it back and how he constantly forgot to give his sidearm proper maintenance, which ultimately contributed to his death. via

Is CSI coming back in 2021?

Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle are coming back! CBS announced that the original stars of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation are reprising their roles for an all-new CSI. Well, the wait is almost over, CSI fans! Several original cast members are returning for CSI: Vegas, and the new show looks so good. via

Is there a CSI: Miami Season 11?

After 10 seasons, it's time for David Caruso to turn in his sunglasses. CBS has cancelled CSI: Miami, the first show in the CSI franchise to end. via

Did Calleigh from CSI Miami have a baby?

Emily Procter, who plays crime scene investigator Calleigh Duquesne, welcomed daughter Pippa in early December. It's the first child for Procter and her boyfriend, musician Paul Bryan. via

Does delko get deported?

But, when Eric was about to be deported for being an illegal immigrant, Alexander stepped in and revealed that he was an American citizen, which by default, makes Eric a citizen of America as well which saved him from being deported back to Cuba. via

Did Grissom and Sara get divorced?

In the Season 10 premiere, it is revealed she is married to Grissom. In Season 13, Episode 15, she reveals that Grissom had split up with her. However in series finale "Immortality", she and Grissom are reunited. via

Did Jorja Fox have a baby?

Jorja has no children, but she has cats and dogs. via

Does Grissom go deaf?

Grissom was born on August 17, 1956, in Santa Monica, California. He grew up in Marina Del Rey, California (The Theory of Everything). She went deaf shortly after his birth from ostosclerosis. via

Is Gary Dourdan still acting?

News of actor Gary Dourdan's death spread quickly earlier this year causing concern among fans across the world. However, the December 2020 report confirmed as a complete hoax and just the latest in a string of fake celebrity death reports. But of course, the actor is alive and well. via

Do they find out who killed Warrick?

In the Season 9 premiere, "For Warrick", Grissom found Warrick bleeding to death in his car; Warrick tried to tell Grissom that McKeen shot him, but was deterred by McKeen's brandishing of his sidearm, and died in Grissom's arms. McKeen was eventually found out and arrested for his murder. via

What does CSI stand for after a name?

Crime scene investigators (CSIs) go by many names, including evidence technician, crime scene technician, forensic investigator, crime scene analyst, criminalistics officer and more. In the past, most CSIs were trained police officers. In fact, most still work out of police stations today. via

How do you become a CSI?

  • Associate's degree and CSI certificate from a community college OR one year experience in crime scene investigations OR two years experience as an evidence technician with a law enforcement agency.
  • Valid Class C California driver's license.
  • Successful background check/and drug test.
  • via

    What is CSI architecture?

    The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is a membership organisation created in the United States, which includes various building professions and their affiliates. One of the primary tasks of the CSI is to create standards that can be used throughout the industry to design and manage the built environment. via

    Does Horatio have a son?

    Kyle is the son of the show's protagonist, Lieutenant Horatio Caine. He has been occupied as a student and a city morgue assistant, and is currently a soldier in the United States Army. via

    What happened to Stella in CSI New York cast?

    When the series returns on American television on 24 September viewers will be told that Stella has moved to New Orleans. "She left to run a lab there," said executive producer Pam Veasey. Kanakaredes will be replaced by actress Sela Ward in the new series. via

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