What Is Life Size

via How big is a life-size? Life-sized things are the original or actual size of to the thing (or person) they represent. A life-sized baby doll is exactly the same size as a real human baby. via Which is correct life-size or life-sized? Both life-size and life-sized are considered correct. via What is life-size image? …

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What Is Capsicum

via Is bell pepper and capsicum the same? Capsicums are also known as bell peppers in America or just peppers in the UK. In the intermediate stage of ripening, capsicums are yellow or orange and are significantly sweeter than the green version. When fully ripe, capsicums are red and are at their peak when it …

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Who Makes Playtex Bras

via Where is Playtex manufactured? Are Playtex bras made in the USA? Nope. Hanesbrand Inc. is an American owned company headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but the manufacturing facilities for Playtex bras are located around the world, and Playtex bras are not made in the USA. via Is Playtex A good bra? Bras like the …

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